There are plenty of Secrets you should never hide from your partner even if you are not comfortable with him. It is said that some secrets should remain secrets in a relationship if it directly affects or concerns your partner. But this is not true. There are few secrets which your partner should be aware of. This might include secrets about your family, your past, or about your finances.


It is important for you to discuss and reveal these secrets to your partner before getting into a serious relationship.


Reason behind keeping secrets in a relationship

Research shows people in same-sex relationships are more likely to keep secrets from their partners, even women’s are more successful in keeping secrets in their relationship.

First and foremost reason to keep secret is to prevent the partner from getting hurt. It is seen that married people keep secrets in order to avoid their partner’s disapproval. It is believed that anything you do against your partners wish is disloyalty.

Here are 8 secrets you should never hide from your partner:

1. About your finances

Financial problem is amongst the top reason for a fight between couples. The current situation of you finance i.e. your involvement in any debt, amount of money you make, your savings etc. are some critical points which your partner should be aware of especially if you are married or living together.

2. Your past relationships

Not all, but your partner has a right to know to whom, when and how much you were connected to previous partners in the past. The secrets of past relations might affect the current relation. If you are in touch with your previous partner or you have any baby or marriage done with your ex, it should be highlighted to your present partner. If you have any sexual history in past with anyone, try not to hide it with your partner. Otherwise, this can lead to serious problem in your relationship.

3. Your expectations from the relationship

Everything should be clear between both of the partner’s right from the start of the relationship. You both should be clearly aware of what you are getting into before starting a relationship.

4. Your dreams, hopes, and future goals

If you are planning to share your entire life with a person than that person should be aware of your future goals from life. This might include your dreams for future in regards to your carrier before as well as after marriage.

5. Your religious and political beliefs

Make sure to clear about each other’s religious and political beliefs before getting engaged with your partner. Maybe you both have different opinions regarding religions as well as politics.

6. About your health issues

If you have any serious health issue, make sure that you partner is aware of it. Your health is equally important for you and for your partner. If there is any history of cancer or diabetes or any serious ailments in your family, you need to inform this to your partner. Even if you have any mental illness, try to inform about it to your partner. So that they can provide you perfect care and support when required.

7. Your view about future family

You should never hide from each other your views regarding marriage and about having kids. You should discuss with each other over issues like when to get married, when and how many kids to have. Your decision should respect both the partner’s opinion on this topic.

8. Share your weakness and imperfections

If you are in a serious relationship, then it becomes important for you to share all your weaknesses and imperfection with each other so that they can support you in your tough times.

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