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8 Interesting Facts about Peacock-Peahen

A Peacock is the national bird of India. Even Myanmar’s national bird is a Peacock. According to science, they are called as Pavo Cristatus. Apart from India, this large and bright colour bird is also found in many other countries. A peacock is considered as one of the largest flying Bird.

Here are 8 Interesting facts about Peacock and Peahen:

  1. The choice of National Bird

The beautiful colour bird was made the national bird as it was first found in India. Out of Stork, Swan, Brahman Kite which was also on the list of the national bird, Peacock was chosen.

A national meeting was held in Udhagamandalam now known as Ooty in Tamil Nadu, for the selection of the National Bird in 1960. According to the guidelines of government they had to choose a bird which is found in every part of the country.

Considering the fact that Peacock is the part of Indian Culture and is known to all, it was declared as the National Bird of India in 1963.

  1. Reproduction of Peacock-Peahen

Their reproduction is same like all birds and reproduces between the month of January and October. Peacock lays three to five eggs at a time. The colour of its egg is yellow and white. It is said that peacock attracts peahen with their multiple voices during reproduction. The voice of male bird has been recorded by a Biologist in American Naturalist Research.

  1. Peacock importance in Hinduism

As said that peacock is a part of Indian Culture, it is also seen as the symbol of nobility and beauty. In ancient years, Peacock feathers were applied to crown and thrones. Poets used to write poetry with the help of peacock feather by filling ink inside it. According to Hindu religion, a peacock is considered very important.  Lord Krishna used to put Peacock feather in his crown and also the Lord Shiva son Kartike used peacock as his vehicle.

  1. First found in India

Peacock was first found in India. After which Sikander took peacock from India to Greece. Since then, many different species of peacocks were seen in many of the countries. But even today the most beautiful species of peacocks are found in India.

  1. Climb on trees at night

Peacock love to stay on open grounds and beautiful valleys. They cannot fly very high so they climb on trees to sleep at night. Peacock builds their nest in thick bushes and covers them with leaves.

  1. Food of Peacock

Peacock is omnivores in nature and eats animals like snakes, Lizards and many other insects. Peacock also eats the insects on the crops of the farmer fields. It is said that when Lions and tigers are out for hunting then Peacock starts shouting. Peacock is very famous for its dancing. Peacock performs a slow dance in rains. The hunting of Peacock in India is completely banned under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.

  1. Habitat of Peacock

A Peacock has 4 to 5 Peahens in its habitat. These Peahens give 20 to 25 eggs per year. To attract Peahens, Peacocks dance in multiple styles. Peacocks are seen very happy in the rainy season.  In India, the maximum numbers of Peacocks-Peahens are found in Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, and Bengal.

  1. It’s importance in ancient years

It had great importance even in the age of Samrat Ashoka and Shahjahan. In the reign of Samrat Ashoka, the picture of Peacock was printed on one side of the currency of coins prevailing in that time. Even Shahjahan used to sit on the throne made up from the feathers of Peacock. This diamond inserted throne was known as Takht-e-Tawas. In Arabic language, Peacock is known as Tauas.

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