Health is everything. If you are fit, then your heart and mind are on everything, and it is very important to have time to stay fit. However, many people do not know what food they are eating and it is healthy or not. Humans do not think so much about food in their busy lives, but there is a right and wrong time for every meal. Like, many people drink milk for breakfast; while this is a wrong time to drink milk. Milk should always drink at night.

Experts say that

There should be a right time to eat every day. Also, experts say that eating should eat at different times, what would be the loss of eating them at the wrong time. That means eat less, but eat after 4 hours.

What should eat at night-

 Milk contains Vitamin A which is very beneficial for bones and gives us energy. In Ayurveda,  milk is more beneficial in the night. Sleeping hormones are caused due to amino acids named Tryptophan in milk. Due to this reason, drinking milk at night brings good sleep.


daal and beans are more beneficial, in eating at night.  Eat at least 4 hours before sleeping. Many vitamins are in daal. In this way, so it is also the best part of our daily diet.




What should not eat at night-


Do not want to use sugar in the night time. Sugar consumption at night increases the level of sugar and also gives energy to the body. If this energy is not used then fat starts to grow.



Rice should not eat at night because it increases the blood sugar level faster; it also gives energy to the body. In such a way, the human body does not absorb easily at night because it will not be able to use this energy, so patients with blood pressure should not eat rice at all.



According to Ayurveda, if the curd eats at night it is not beneficial for the body. Indeed, by taking curd in the night, it becomes a cough. There are chances of having stomach disorders. If curd is sour then lung infection can cause a cough and colds and joints. Also, if there is any swelling anywhere in the past, by eating curd it increase your swelling and even more

Benefits of Apple

Many nutrition, ingredients are in the apple. And the number of vitamins, minerals, and fiber are very high. The best part is that there is no cholesterol in apple, and vitamin ‘c’ also in apple it’s very healthy for human body. In Ayurveda; eat an apple in morning in empty stomach. It exits the toxic present in your body.


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