According to Hindu Religion, Charity means Daan which is the voluntary act of helping those in needs to take their blessings. KarnaMahabali, and Harish Chandra were famous for giving charity in ancient times.

But do you know there are few charities which are never effective while some are effective. Whom to give charity and whom not? In this article, I will tell you about the type of people you should give charity and the type of people you should not give charity. We will also see the different types of Charity.

Here is the list of people you should give charity in order to get it Effective:
  1. Mother

A mother who is considered next to god is the most powerful person on the earth. You can show your respect towards her by giving her something.

  1. Father

Father qualities are said to affect the child’s future. A Father spends his whole life towards developing your future. By giving him something you are making your charity effective by taking his blessings.

  1. Guru

Guru in Hinduism is a personal spiritual teacher who guides us on the right path. They helped in the composition of various Vedas and Upanishads. The donation giving to guru is never ineffective and will take you to great heights.

  1. Friends

Friends are the persons with whom we share a mutual bond of affection, love, and understanding. Friendship in Hindu religion is famous from the time of Mahabharata which highlighted the strong bond between Karn and Duryodhan. Donating things to your friends is never considered useless.

  1. An orphan

An Orphan is a child whose parents are no more in this world. You can donate food, clothing and even can adopt an orphan. This kind of charity is never ineffective.

  1. Honest Gentleman

Giving the donation to honest people who are truthful and sincere is never ineffective.

Here is the list of people you should not give charity as it is Ineffective:
  1. Cursed

Donating something to the cursed people will not make your charity effective. You should avoid helping them.

  1. Gambler

Gambler is the person who wastes all his money in gambling. So never donate anything to them as by doing this you are helping them to waste money which makes your charity useless.

  1. Spirits

Never try to please spirits by donating anything to them which can be dangerous as well as ineffective charity.

  1. Thieves

Thieves are the person who steals things from others. Avoid helping them or giving them any donation.

  1. Fools

Giving the donation to a silly person is a foolish act. He does not know the value of anything and by doing this you are making your charity ineffective and useless.

  1. Fraud Doctors

Doctors who pretend to have medical skills and play with the life of patients are called fraud doctors. Never try to donate them or help them by giving them anything. By doing this you are helping them in their wrong work which makes your charity ineffective.

Types of Charity:

Money is not the only thing which charity requires. You can make a difference by donating your blood, proving medicines to poor peoples who are ill and cannot go to a doctor, distributing spiritual knowledge to people, buying books for those who love to study but cannot afford it.

Generally, there are four types of Charity –Food (aharadaan), medical care (aushadha-daan), spiritual knowledge (Gnandaan) and The State of Absolute Non-Violence (abhayadaan– a conduct that raises no fear in any living being).

  1. Charity of Food(Ahara-Daan)

Charity of food is giving food to hungry people. Because of your food that man might live at least a day more. When someone comes to your house and ask for food just help them with by giving them something to eat.

Instead of throwing the leftover you can give that food to any hungry animal. The Charity of food is considered most valuable and effective charity.

  1. Charity of Medical Care(aushadhadaan)

The Charity of Medical care is helping someone by donating medicines or paying the fees of doctors for them. If any poor person falls ill and has no money to buy medicine, you can help him with the medicines. Maybe with that medicine, you are saving his/her life. He might live a few years more with this charity.

Charity of medicine is more important than Charity of Food as it keeps a person alive for more years and relieves him from pain and suffering.

You can register yourself as organ donor which you can donate after your dead. As it might save the life of others who are in need of these organs. You can even help people who are in need of blood. If your blood matches with them you can save their life by donating your blood.

3. Charity of Spiritual knowledge (Gnandaan)

Charity of Spiritual Knowledge is donating books which will guide them on the right path. By this charity, one can live a better lifestyle in his next life. He can even achieve Moksha.

You can record books for blind people who cannot see but can gain knowledge by hearing your voice. By doing this you are helping them to gain knowledge neglecting their physical disability. You can even donate your old books and notes to those who cannot afford to buy them.

According to god, this type of charity is considered highest of all. In this charity money is not involved, you only need to share your spiritual knowledge with people.

4. Abhaya-Daan

Abhaya Daan is when you think of not harming or doing anything which can affect anybody’s life. For this type of daan, you should have the inner feeling of not hurting anyone by any means. It is called as ultimate of all charities.

There is no involvement of money in this charity. But still many of us fail to give this charity. Apart from these four all charities are imaginary. One should focus more on Abhaya-daan.


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