There are many Bollywood celebrities who are slapped by Salman Khan. Yet Salman Khan is known as the godfather of Bollywood. The superstar of Bollywood Salman Khan has always been in controversies for his acts. Salman Khan who is popular for his Dabangg role carries the young angry man personality in his real life apart from reel life.

6 Bollywood celebrities slapped by Salman Khan

Salman Khan is also famous for his kind-hearted behavior in Bollywood. But there have been incidents when this Dabangg and kind-hearted man of Bollywood has lost his patience and showed his anger in front of everyone.


Salman Khan has always been in news for his fights with Bollywood celebrities and at times even raised his hands on them.

Here in this article, I’ll be telling you some Bollywood celebrities who have been slapped by Salman Khan because of his angry behavior.
  1. Ranbir Kapoor

No doubt, Ranbir Kapoor is also included in the list of people slapped by Salman Khan. Ranbir Kapoor and Salman Khan are always seen in a cold war because this rock star was dating Salman Khan ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif. This cold war between the two Bollywood Celebrities existed even before Ranbir entered Bollywood.

It was said that once the two surprisingly met each other at a renowned pub in Mumbai. The conversation between both of them changed into a conflict to an extent that Ranbir Kapoor was slapped by Salman Khan.

Ranbir instantly left the party as he felt embarrassed and later the Salim Khan was reported with an apology letter on his son’s behalf for Rishi Kapoor son Ranbir Kapoor. Later the involvement of Katrina Kaif with Ranbir Kapoor heated the matter and two are always seen ignoring each other at the Bollywood parties and events.

  1. Aishwarya Rai

Everybody is aware of the fight which happened between these two stars which led to their breakup. Aishwarya Rai was slapped by Salman Khan multiple times when they were dating each other. Salman Khan on the sets of film Kuch Na Kaho pushed Aishwarya Rai to the ground.

Later a similar incident took place when Salman Khan reached on the set of film Chalte Chalte where he tried to slap Aishwarya but was stopped by Shahrukh Khan. It was from here that Salman and Shahrukh hated each other.

Aishwarya in one of her interview revealed that many times when she was slapped by Salman Khan. But luckily she did not have any marks on her face and use to head towards her work as if nothing has happened. Later she broke up with him after her father launched a police complaint against Salman Khan.

  1. Shahrukh Khan

These two Bollywood celebrities hated each other because of the conflict which took place between them during the shoot of the film Chalte Chalte which later got heated up in the Katrina Kaif birthday celebration.

It is said that on 17th of July 2008, Katrina Kaif celebrated her birthday party in which she invited many Bollywood celebrities including Shahrukh Khan. The two stars got into the very serious verbal conversation in which Shahrukh spoke about Salman Khan ex Aishwarya Rai. This made him angry to the extent that Shahrukh was slapped by Salman Khan.

This entire thing happened in the party when two were very high and took place due to the effect of alcohol. Later the two were never seen together in any of the films for years. These two Bollywood celebrities became friends during the marriage of Salman’s sister Arpita Khan.

  1. Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif was slapped by Salman Khan many times when the two were in a serious relationship. It is said that in February 2008, Katrina Kaif was slapped by Salman Khan in front of the public at a coffee shop in Mumbai.

Also during the shooting of film Ek Tha Tiger, Salman got heated up after seeing Katrina in the figure-hugging, cleavage-revealing dress. The argument got heated up to the extent that Katrina was slapped by Salman Khan and was forced to take Kareena help who was shooting for her film heroine in the same studio.

In May 2008 a similar incident took place where Katrina was again slapped by Salman Khan during the shoot of the film Yuvraaj. It is said that he got heated up after seeing the photographs of Katrina and Akshay of the IPL matches.

  1. Sathish Kaushik

Sathish Kaushik was also slapped by Salman Khan during the shoot of the film Tere Naam. According to the eyewitness, the two got into an argument which heated Salman to an extent that he raised his hand on him.

Later Satish Kaushik in one of his interview denied this news. He said that the was not slapped by Salman Khan and said that both these Bollywood celebrities share a smooth relationship bond for years.

  1. Subhash Ghai

According to the reports, the director Subhash Ghai was also slapped by Salman Khan at one of the party for the comments made by him. Salman in one of his interview said that he got out of control when Subhash hit him with a spoon, almost broke a plate on his face, pissed on his shoes and grabbed him by his neck. Due to which Subhash was slapped by Salman Khan.

According to the reports Subhash even rejected the distributor’s decision for casting Salman Khan opposite to Shahrukh Khan in the film Pardes. They wanted Madhuri dixit opposite Salman Khan in this film.

Later on request of Salim Khan, Salman apologized to Subhash Ghai for his mistake. The friendship between them was seen when Subhash decided to take him in the lead role of his film Yuvraaj.

Subhash Ghai in one of his interview also shared his views on this conflict. He said that it was an embarrassing moment for him also at the party. He was very depressed when he came home that night. But later he accepted Salman Khan apology on the matter. After this, both these Bollywood Celebrities were seen supporting each other till date.


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