Here is today’s dose of the laughter medicine – 6 Best Jokes Of The Day

  1. There Are Basically 7 Types Of Girls…
  2. Hard Disk Girls: Remember Everything Forever.
  3. Ram Girls: Forgets About You The Moment You Turn Her Off.
  4. Screen Saver Girls: Just For Looking.
  5. Internet Girls: Difficult To Access.
  6. Server Girls: Always Busy When Needed.
  7. Multimedia Girls: Makes Horrible Things Looks Beautiful.
  8. Virus Girls: These Type Of Girls Are Normally Called Wife Once Enters In Your System Don’t Leave Even After Format.

2. Jet Airways Launched A Scheme Where A Husband Can Take His Wife Free On Their Business Trip.

After Big Success Of The Scheme.

Jet Airways Sent Letters To All Wives Asking About Their Experience?

99% Wifes Replied

What Scheme??

Which Trip??

And When Was It?

3. Father Was Telling The Definition Of Success To His Son.

Father: “Son, Success Is When Your Signature Turns Into An Autograph.”

Son: “No Dad, Success Is When My Signature Turns Into Black Label Or Chivas Regal.”

Cheers To This Boy!

4. It Was Happening In A Hospital That ICU Patients Died In Same Bed Every Sunday At 11 Am.

Dr Thought, It Is Something Super Natural

Worldwide Xpert Team Was Formed To Investigate The Cause.

Next Sunday, Few Minute Before 11 Am, All Dr.& Nurses Stand Around That Bed & Start Waiting To See What It Was?

Then Suddenly A Sardar (Part Time Sunday Sweeper) Entered The ICU, Unplugged The Life Support System Of That Bed &Plugged In His Mobile Charger.

5. Two Children Were Waiting In The Doctor’s Waiting Room.

The Little Girl Started Crying.

Little Boy Asked Her: “Why Are You Crying?”

The Girl Said: “I’m Here For Blood Test And The Doctor Is Going To Cut My Finger”

The Little Boy Too Start Crying.

Girl: “Now Why Are You Crying?”

Boy: “I’m Here For The Urine Test“

6. Once Ram, Laxman&Sita Were Travelling In A Mercedes.

Suddenly The Petrol Got Over.

Ram &Laxman Went To Bring Petrol From The Nearest Petrol Pump.

Ravan Came & Kidnaped Sita In A Helicopter.

Ram Took Out His iPhone And Gave A Missed Call To Hanuman.

Hanuman Came On His Pulsar 220cc, Jumped & Punched The Helicopter.

It Broke Into 3 Halves.

Ravan: “How Did You Get Such Energy Dude?”

Hanuman: “Boost Is The Secret Of My Energy.”


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