Ghosts and spirits are a part of nature. We cannot deny this, it is proven that they do exist. But we can certainly avoid to meet them.

As nature is our mother. And mother never means any harm to us. There is always a solution to the problem. And there are always ways to avoid a problem.

So nature also made a mechanism to protect us from certain things. E.g. we don’t remember our past life for our own good. Similarly, ghost exists but not in our dimension. So that minimizes the chances of having an encounter with them.

But still, you must have heard cases of spirit possession. These are rare cases which could happen for a number of things. It’s good to know when and how unknowingly you attract ghost in life. So that you can take necessary precaution.

Reasons you can have encountered with ghosts and spirits.

1- Karmic Connection

Manier times the spirit possession, encounters or such problems are karmic. It is also mentioned by the Great Aghori Master Vimalananda in the book “Aghora Trilogy”. It is true that nothing happens without any reason. one should understand that what you get totally depends on the Karma you did in your past lives. One has to earn the karma for inviting good or bad incidents in your life.

So if you end up having an encounter with a ghost then it is possible you have created the seeds for that situation to occur. E.g. you have acted bad with a person and he has a lot of anger and revengeful feeling against you.

If while dying also he remembers you with anger then there are chances that if after dying he gets trapped in ghost dimension. Then he can try to even the score with you. So don’t create karma which you really don’t want to be a part of future.

2- Visiting Haunted Places

Some people think visiting haunted places is a fun. They found it adventurous. But it is not so in reality. For example, If you visit a cemetery or cremation ghat or an isolated place.Then there are more chances to get attracted to such beings.As these places are filled with that wired energy.

Also if a home is closed for many years. In this case, as well there is some stagnant and blocked energy inside that home. Avoid spending time in such closed homes.

Similarly, the place where murder or any intense energetic negativity has happened also attract such energy.

But in case you have visited such places then after coming home put your clothes for washing. Also immediately take the saltwater bath.

So its better to avoid yourself visiting places. Also, stop yourself from attempting into the occult dimension without the protection of a master.

3- Excess of Alcohol, Drugs, Sex or Orgies

Restrain yourself to go into too much of extreme in these things. Just remember that when a couple is having sex. Then a lot of bodyless beings get attracted towards them as they want to be reborn. Though the final race is usually won by one. The one who is karmically likely to be reborn in your home.

But when you go too much into these things and particularly in negative places. Then you can offset the nature rule and invite such problems in your life. Don’t play with your energies at such an extreme level. Don’t put a lot of pressure on your auric and emotional body. One should keep his or her aura healthy and energies pure.This will surely invite positive energy into your home.

4- Weak Aura are more Vulnerable

If there are a lot of holes in your aura means if you are weak by your will.Then you are more vulnerable to negative energy. Also to the ghosts or body-less entities. The holes or weakness in aura acts as an opening for them.

It’s like the way ozone layer protects the earth from harmful UV radiation of Sun. Similarly, a strong aura protects you from negativity and other worldly problems.

Women during monthly periods are also in a most vulnerable state. So they should avoid the above-mentioned places and always take some precautions. It is so because bodyless beings naturally get attracted to the menstrual fluid. The menstrual fluid carries life and is life-giving.

The bodyless beings want to possess a body or want to be reborn. So its natural for them to get attracted to a menstrual fluid.

5- By Accident

Many people just get connected with the ghost by an accident. They didn’t want to irritate or make the ghost angry. But unknowingly they end up doing.

For example, you have always heard of the cases, where someone was traveling on the train. Then in the middle of the journey, the train stopped somewhere in a lonely area. The place which was repressed and without any human population. The person came out of the train and ate something under a tree and soon got possessed.Other instance includes urinating under a tree.

It is said that the bodyless beings get highly insulted with the smell of urine. it is so because they eat by smell and sight.

And for them, it’s like somebody came and urinated in their home.

So as a precaution never eat (particularly sweet) in a place which is far away from human population. Also, never ever urinate under a tree especially under a sacred tree. Such as peepal and banyan tree.

So from the earlier times, only many mothers in Indian homes don’t allow their children to eat sweets. Then immediately go out of a home particularly in the evening. And also if it is really urgent then they are made to taste the salt after sweet.

What you can do if you are in such situation

 If by chance, you stuck up in such a situation then please never challenge the ghost. Just be respectful to them and to their space. Leave their space immediately.

Start Chanting Hanuman Chalisa or Hanuman Kavach or Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra. One can also chant their own Sidh (potent) mantra or remember your guru or deity.

Never get scared be brave and powerful. As fear will make your aura shrink and that can make them strong. Also, it creates space for the ghost to enter. This is actually one of the reasons why Swami Vivekananda refused the existence of ghost. This belief in their non-existence makes you fearless.

Moreover, avoid planchet or directing or everything else which joins you with the dimension of ghosts. Because once you break the delicate wall which nature has created to separate your world from theirs. Then it is not easy to make it again. It’s easy to open the door to their dimension but not easy to close it back.




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