Today’s world is filled with the terrorism, climate change, and inequality. These are the major challenges which are being faced by the world. Though there are various teachings of Lord Mahavir but, there are 5 important teachings that can truly transform the world. They show their significance in fighting these issues.

The burning issues of the world such as terrorism inequality can be easily reduced or put to end if each and every person of this world will adopt these teachings in their life.

Mahavir Jains principles such as “ahimsa, anekant, and aparigriha” can be used as a solution to these burning issues of the world.

Through one of his principle  Lord Mahavir stress on obtaining enough to survive but escape anything in excess. Inequality rises when the focus is given on excess. This leads to Rich become richer, whereas poor become poorer. Mahavir Jains teachings of aparigriha are just appropriate in dealing with the inequality issue.

Here are the 5 important teachings of Lord Mahavir which have a great significance in this 21st century. Also, they show their relevancy in today’s world.

Non- Violence Or Ahimsa

The one who is involved in spreading terrorism recognizes their ideology as “superior most”. So, they kill people who don’t believe in their ideology. Ahimsa is a method of life and it is really easy to understand. A person who is engaged in violence has an impure mind. As per the Jain principles when the mind of a person become impure and polluted, then there is a beginning of violence. Turning to use of guns, tanks and bombs is nothing but an exterior exhibition of violence that exists in mind. The world can experience peace only through the principle of ahimsa.

The person who follows ahinsa is not a weak person, in fact, he is the person with great courage. It should also be noticed that as ahinsa means not to kill a single creature of this world. But it never means that farmers and doctors follow non-violence. For example, farming is not at all a violent profession because a farmer produces food that can be consumed by others. During this procedure, there are various creatures or Jeev got killed. But he is the one who provides food to millions. Similarly, the medical profession is also not considered as violent. As the doctor intention is always is to save a people not to kill them. If in case patient got killed in performing the medical procedure. Then there is no paap or sin in it.

Anekant or unity in diversity

Anekant is considered as the principle that has the ability to tackle the threat of terrorism. This is because it talks about giving a right to a person to select and follow his/her own values or religion. The idea of secularism refers to that “one becomes a good Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian or Jain” or any other religion the person follows and not impose that ideology on others. In the Jain religion, everybody is treated equally. As per them, nobody has any right to force other people to follow our religion. One should be permitted to practice and follow their religion in peace. Also if we force our religion on others, then it considered an absolute rule. And ruling and dictatorship lead to violence. Jainism says Save bhavntu sukhina which means happiness for everybody.

Non-possession Or Aparigrah

It has a great importance in the 21 century. It is not wrong to say that nature can fulfill the needs, but greed can never be fulfilled. The natural disasters that occur when human beings try to find more.

One should notice that from the time when human beings became greedy then this issue of climate change has raised. We should realize that nature is ready to give us what we actually need.  But what we are doing we are immensely cutting trees, polluting seas and rivers. We forget that this gives rise to natural calamities such as tsunami, floods, drought, and others. In this perspective too, Lord Mahavir communicate to pursue only what is needed is important rather than going for more and more.

In today’s world inequality is continuously rising due to rising focus on “excess” gains. Everyone must pursue aparigriha which means storing only what is essential in order to conquer the battle of imbalance.

Freedom to Women

In this 21st century only there is not proper freedom is given to wo0men in the society. Mahavira favored the freedom of women. He said that they also possess the right to achieve Nirvana. In this detail, Mahavira shadowed the example of his precursor, Parsva Nath. He said that women were allowed in the Jain Sangha. Due to this many women became Sarmini and Sravikas and heading towards the path of nirvana.

When it comes to the social status of women in a Vedic period it is really bad. Similar to the Sudras, women were prohibited from the right of investment and initiation of a holy thread. it is believed that they no pursuit of the religious texts and teachings. In many passages of Vedas, we could find that women as recognized as an inauspicious. But Jain acharyas did a lot to raise their status in the society at that time. They have given equal status to women in the religious society.In fact, both males and females were given equal chance in various matters of religion. it includes study of holy texts, convention of necessary duties, following of vratas etc.


According to to9 Mahavira, the key aim of life is to attain salvation or Nirvana. He thus asserted on eluding evil Karmas. He believes in to avoid all kinds of fresh Karmas and abolish the existing ones. According to him, salvation can be achieved through five oaths. This includes non-injury (Ahimsa), speaking truth (Satya), non-stealing (Asteya), non-adultery (Brahmacharya) and non-possession (aparigraha).

There are various other teachings of Lord Mahavir which has a lot of significance in today’s world. The above-mentioned teachings are the most important one among all. This is highly relevant in fighting the growing issues of terrorism. Inequality, natural disaster. The teachings of Lord Mahavira is considered as one of the best sources of inspiration and peace for people across the world. If they are followed properly the world can surely transform.


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