5 secrets you must never share with your spouse

5 secrets you must never share with your spouse

Husband and wife relation is one of the most beautiful relationships is this whole world. Marriage due to which this relationship begins is a beautiful feeling and surely something which is to be enjoyed and relished. There are so many people who are fortunate enough in getting a spouse which is so understanding and you wanted to share everything with your spouse. You should keep this in mind there are certain secrets which you must never share with your spouse.

As this is a universal fact that no relationship is perfect and it may happen that your spouse will suddenly say something that gets on your anxieties. If you are married you must have faced this situation frequently.

There is no doubt that everyone should try to maintain a transparent relationship, particularly with your spouse. To maintain the healthy, loyal relationship one has to be very transparent. And you must share our problems, feelings, emotions, ups, and downs everything and also the secrets with your spouse. But you should remember there must be some particular secrets which should be shared with your spouses.

The only secret which is the ideal one to be shared with your spouse.

I know that spouse is the vital part of your life and you must share everything with your spouse. It is true that being open will certainly unknot the path to nourishment and permanency in the relationship.

But we should not forget the fact that these feelings and secrets are the only factors that lead to the skid of hitches and troubles in a relationship.

They say honesty is the bedrock of a strong relationship, and they’re right. But there’s a world of difference between honesty and full disclosure.

There are certain secrets that just don’t essential to be shared with your spouse. So if really wanted to know about those secrets which are not to share with your spouse. If you really love your spouse and wanted to spend an entire life with your spouse. Then you must have a look at the below-written information which you must not reveal and share with your spouse.

1-Never tell your spouse about your EX relationship

So are you the one who has experienced a friendly and healthy relationship with your exes in the past. And now you don’t have any connection with the partners and you really love your spouse. So it may happen or it may not that your partner may see it in a positive way so it is better you don’t share the secret of your past relationship with your spouse. please try as much as possible that your past relationship with your ex will not turn your relationship bitter. It is better you keep all the conversations and texts done previously with your ex strictly to yourself or it is better you delete. Because your present is your wife or your husband whom you love a lot.

2- Your parents hate you

It is better not to tell your partner about your about any kind of disapproval of your parents. Also that they don’t like you at some point.  The disapproval of parents is unavoidably making him or her to be uncomfortable or even indignant around them.

It may happen that your spouse might expressively get fixed in the land of nil paternal approval. As you know that your families relationship sometimes becomes tricky to handle. You all have heard about the stories where parents make things threatening for their children’s spouse. In this type of cases and relationship this you have to be very subtle, particularly if you don’t have anything factual and firm to continue with that.

3- Having fantasies about someone else

It is really bad to reveal the secret of your crush and fantasies to your spouse. there is no wrong to have some fantasies and liking. And we all have that fantasies about the unachievable that we want to but could not able to get that.

It is not at all necessary that you reveal the secret of that you like your brother or sister more than you when it comes to your looks.  Does your spouse really essential to know that you have some feelings for your sister or brother.

If you this you should confess to it then it is the worst idea you ever had in your life in respect of relationship. This is something which depresses your spouse a lot. Your partner would certainly not at all interested to know this-this at all. It is really better to keep your wonders to yourself.

4- Hating his/her physical features

No one is perfect in this world. Also, it is not necessary that you like every physical appearance or feature of your spouse. it is true but it is not at all necessary to share it with your spouse. So If you really hate your spouse hair or eyes, nose, etc. then please don’t tell this to your spouse. Your spouse will feel really bad if you do this. It may happen that he or she will remain conscious all the time. If you share this secret with your spouse then it will make him or her totally insecure and hurt. As your spouse just cannot do anything to change that. He or she is totally helpless in that. So if you really love your spouse then please don’t share this disliking secret with your spouse.

5- Your concerns about your ex

First of all, you should not be too much concerned about your ex. There is no sense in being in touch with the ex. Because it is nothing but your past. But still, for some reasons, you become little concerned about your ex. Then better don’t share this with your spouse. Anything which is related to your earlier affairs is desirable to be buried deep inside your heart.  It should never come up. If it will then it just ruin your lovely relationship with your spouse.

So in the end, I wanted to say that though it is important to be open and transparent in the relationship. But it is significant to hide few secrets if you really wanted to remain in the relationship with your spouse for long.

If you reveal the above-written secrets to your spouse then your relationship will soon lead to needless arguments.

And this is the biggest reason it is advisable for the mature and experienced person to not to reveal or share some secrets with your spouse.


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