5 Reasons Why Dog Is Your Best Friend – If you are a dog lover, then you will love to read the reasons that why the dog is your best friend and you are going to love this post about your best friend – your dog.Your dog is your best companion in good or bad times.They say,“dogs are Man’s Best Friend.” But do you know the reasons why?If no, then read the list of ‘5 reasons why the dog is your best friend’ –

1.Protection and Security:

Your dog is your security system and he protects you from any harm.Your pet takes care of you and your house and safeguards you. If anyone comes toyourhouse, he instantly gives the reaction and this makes you aware that someone has come to your place.

2. Dogs can read people and so can guide you accordingly:

Sometimes, if you are upset with someone or something, your dog can read your expression and tries to cheer you upand makes you happy.If your dog is getting bad vibes from your friend or partner or colleague and reacts, you should read his signs and you can trust him and know that this relationship or friend or a person is not in your best interest.

3.Amazing selfie buddy:

Your selfies are picture perfect when you are with your cute pet in selfies and that makes the dog your amazing selfie buddy.

  1. Your pet loves you a lot and keeps you happy:

Your pet dog loves you unconditionally and that is why when you are upset, he tries to cheer you up. Your pet always tries to keep you happy and loves you a lot. The dog understands you, your expressions and your feelings and that is whenever your upset, angry or unhappy, he gets it immediately. Also,dogs never judge you, they love you for who you are.

  1. Dogs are loyal:

Pet dogs are very loyal to their respective owners. If you love your dog a lot and also the dog loves you a lot, then he will never leave you and he will be your friend for the life. Your dog will always be loyal to you. Love your dog a lot. He deserves your love because dogs are man’s best friend.


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