India is a 7th largest country in the world with full of natural and man-made wonders.  Thousands of tourists visit India every year to enjoy all these.  On the one hand, there are places which attract people for their beauty and gracefulness, on the other hand, there are places which create a sense of thrill or adventures in the visitors.  Among these type of places are some places which people call them most dangerous places or dangerous vacation destinations.  We will talk over some of that type of places which attract people who are in search of a bit of adventure or thrill in their travel.  By the way, there are many such adventurous places, but now we will discuss some of them.


    Pamban Bridge:

    It is actually a  train route that connects Rameshwaram to central India through the sea.  It is built over the sea. This bridge is said to be about 100 years old, which makes travel over it so scary.  In addition to this, it is designed in such a way that it allows passing of ships underneath through a mechanism.  More than a dozen of people move it a lever to change its accent.  Traveling over this bridge cause a thrilling sensation and a bit of terror in tourists.

    Rup Kund

    Thinking of a lake full of human skeletons brings a sense of fear in mind.  This place is actually a fort falls in Uttrakhand contains a very large number of human skeletons in it.  These skeletons believe to be of the 9th century.  To witness this dangerous site anyone has to climb over the height of about 16000  feet.  These all put it in the most dangerous places.

    Kolli Hills

    Kolli Hills lies In Namakkal district of central Tamilnadu is one of the other most dangerous places in India list.  This area lies at height of about 1300 m. It is a small mountain range, spread in about 280 KM2.  Seventy hair-pin bends on the way while going up makes driving so difficult and risky is what makes it a dangerous place to visit.  According to some folklore during the travel, there comes a maiden who allure visitors with her beauty and finally kill them. Instead of all of these, a large number of tourist visits from India as well as from outside.

    Dumas Beach

    Dumas Beach in Surat city of Gujrat is one of the most dangerous places in India.  It is a common belief that people get disappears while taking round at the beach.  By the way, people do not prefer to visit thereafter it is getting dark.


    Bhangarh Fort

    It is a place falls in Rajasthan, not a place for faint hearted people to visit. It is a place people remember it globally for its haunting stories.  People from local tells some stories related to violent spirits present there.  Tourists strictly avoid visiting this place after evening.  Because of all of these reasons locals have shifted themselves to outskirts of this fort.  Along with this, there are multiple stories of abduction and death of people there.


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