The Indian telecom industry has become a brutal battleground for Telco’s an incumbent’s fight against the disruptive newbie, Reliance Jio. Between offering free 4G and voice calling services, and low-cost tariffs since last April, Jio has managed to collect in over 160 million subscribers across India. As Telco’s continue to clash against one another, Airtel has managed to maintain its dominance by adjusting to the changing trends. Airtel is the biggest telecom operator in India and also Jio’s biggest rival. From low-cost prepaid tariffs to affordable smart phones under its “Mera Pehla Smartphone” program, Airtel has kept its place safe. The Telco boasts its high-quality service as evaluate to rivals in order to downplay the competition.

Airtel has been modified series of its prepaid plans in order to level with what Jio is offering to win over consumers. While there are several prepaid options for customers while seems for unlimited data and voice calling options, subscribers looking for low-cost tariffs are in for a treat. As Airtel continues its prepaid plan amendment spree, the existing Rs 93 prepaid plan gets extended validity. Available to users in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana at the instant, Rs 93 prepaid plan now offers 1GB 3g/4g data with unlimited voice calling and SMS for 28 days. Earlier, the validity of this exacting pack was 10 days, which makes it an obvious choice for those who rely on more calls and less data.

The telecom companies are restoring their prepaid plans with more data and unlimited calling this year. With more forceful competition, Telco’s are fighting hard to grasp more market share, and as a result, are offering data and calling benefits at extremely low prices to counter Jio’s predatory offerings. The new Jio strategy is offering more data and unlimited calling. So, Airtel has come up with their own offerings which try to offer alike benefits in their policy. In this war, the cost per day is taken into consideration with the plans which offer more data, infinite calling, and free SMS at the lowly price with maximum validity.


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