3 Trendy Hairstyles For Short Hair

3 Trendy Hairstyles For Short Hair – Nowadays, short hair is in trend. And if you style it in a correct way, short hair looks awesome and very stylish. Here is the list of 5 trendy hairstyles for short hair

  1. Flower Braid:
Trendy Hairstyles For Short Hair
Flower Braid

Flower braid is a half up half down updo and it’s a cute looking romantic hairstyle that looks like flower. For this style, you will needmini hair elastics, bobby pins and Sea salt spray.

Step By Step Tutorial –

Step 1: Take a small section of hair from each side of your head just above your ears and twist them back to the center of your head. Secure with a mini hair elastic.

Step 2: Using hair underneath the elastic, braid a two-inch section of hair and secure with another elastic.

Step 3: Wrap the braid around the base of itself until it forms a flower shape, then use bobby pins to secure in place.

Step 4: For giving your hair a beach worthy texture, use a sea salt spray on the rest of your hair. And you are done!

2. Twist N Pin:

Trendy Hairstyles For Short Hair
Twist N Pin

Twist n pin hairstyle is a very beautiful hairstyle. For this hairstyle,you will need bobby pins only but if you want to set your hair, you will need hold spray too.

Step By Step Tutorial –

Step 1:Grab a two-inch section of hair, twisting the section around itself into a tight coil.

Step 2: Once the coil is tight enough that the twist naturally forms a small bun, continue wrapping the bun up and toward your head. Pin the bun in place.

Step 3: Continue steps 2-3 until all of your hair is pinned up.

3. Braided Bang:

Trendy Hairstyles For Short Hair
Braided Bang

Braided bang hairstyle is a sweet hairstyle for short hair. For this style, you will need a tail comb, bobby pins, mini hair elastics andhair clips.

Step By Step Tutorial –

Step 1: Split the front section of your hair into a triangle with clean, straight parts using a tail comb for this. Hold the rest of your hair away from your face by clipping it back with hair Clips.

Step 2:Before continuing with a traditional three-strand braid,start with braiding the bangs section with three passes of a French braid.

Step 3: Continue down the bangs until you reach the temple area, then secure with a mini hair elastic.

Step 4: Use a bobby pin to pin the braid back into the hairline. Pull the clips off of the loose hair and tousle hair to cover the elastic and pin in the front.

Give these ‘trendy hairstyles for short hair’ a try.


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