2018 Colour Trends For Your Hair

2018 Colour Trends For Hair – Coloring your hair is the trend these days. And it is estimated that the following color trends will be the trend of the year 2018 –

  1. Acid Colour Trend:
2018 Colour Trends For Your Hair
Acid Colour Hair

Probably, you have seen the runway models sporting acid colour hair trend. You too can try this. Think out of the box. Try something that you have not tried before. 2018 is the year when you can try bright, pigmented and boldhair colourslike violets, pink, neon and blues. Colors like neon yellow, neon green, neon pink, rainbow colours and electric blue colourcome in acid colour hair trend. This colour trend isalso called as the neoncolour trend, dayglowcolour trend, electriccolour trend or 80s-inspiredcolour trend. Haircolorists are observing and saying that acid hair colour trend will be the biggest hair colour trend of the year 2018.

2. Caramel With Rose Gold Colour Trend:

2018 Colour Trends For Your Hair
Caramel With Rose Gold Hair

Caramel with rose gold hair colour trend is not daring like the acid hair colour trend. This hair colour looks natural and blends in easily with your natural hair colour. The fusion of caramel with rose gold shades gives you a very gorgeous looking hair.

3. Shades Of Gold Colour Trend:

2018 Colour Trends For Your Hair
Shades Of Gold Hair

As the name suggests, this hair colour trend is the trend of hair colour in soft golden hues. Hair having the shades of gold is trending now and looks awesome.Brown ombre hair colour trend that is the transitions from a deep brown to dark shade to the colour that is super light brown is the thing of the past now. Now, in the year 2018 ombre hair colour trend is still there but it is in the shades of gold with the hues of golden spectrum that deep golden to dark shade gold to the one that is the light gold. Soft shades of gold hair colourlook great on everyone.

      So, you lovelies which hair colour trend you have decided to try? Call your hair colourists and give it a try. Do let me know in the comments and share your coloured hair pictures and also share your experiences that how the hair colour is looking and share the compliments you will get from your loved ones and friends.


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