There are a few signs that indicate that he’s totally fallen for you and can’t think about cheating you. How do you know that your partner is ready to tie the knot and he is serious for you?

Men are not very good at presenting their emotions for their girl. So before you rush into things and start planning about your dream wedding ensure, whether he is a correct choice for you or not?

Here are 20 signs which might help you to know that your partner wants to spend his entire life with you.

  1. Trying to stay as close as possible

If he is always busy in planning his life around you, it is a confirming sign that he wants to spend his entire life with you.

  1. Doing things together as a couple

If your partner talks more about We rather than I as a couple, it means that he considered both of you as a single personality. It is one of the best sign which shows that he wants to live with you for lifelong.

  1. He wants to spend time at home together

Everybody spent time with their partners by enjoying outside with them. But the best thing is when you both have a great time together at home and enjoy each other company while watching movies, grocery shopping and cooking food in a kitchen.

  1. He is there for you in your hard times

It is easy to be together when everything goes well. But it is difficult to handle things when nothing goes well. If your partner remains with you in your hard times it means that two of you together can overcome any situation in your future. That’s the best sigh of healthy and everlasting relationship.

  1. Shopping together

If he always consults with you before buying even the smallest thing then he is the best person to get married.

  1. He involves you in his family

When he involves you in his family gathering that means he is for sure looking forward to marrying you. By doing this he is making you familiar with his family and is making you comfortable in his family.

  1. Similar Hobbies

If you both share similar hobbies then it is the best sign. It becomes fun for you when you watch movies together, does yoga, cooks food together and help each other in their work. The common interest between you two can make your bond stronger.

  1. He is trying to adjust in your family

If your partner is interested in spending time with your family members by talking to them on phone and stay in touch with them then it is also a positive sign for you. He wants to spend his life with you and want to be a part of your family.

  1. He likes to surprise you

If he loves to surprise you and look forward for a smile on your face then, he is looking forward to keeping things fresh. For him, romance is very important. So he will always look forward for a romantic date with you.

  1. His talks about future family

If a guy talks to you with regards to the future family, starting a family and kids planning then he is 100% sure that he wants to marry you. These kinds of the talk will bring you more closely to each other.

  1. Living together

Everybody can spend some time with you but if he is looking forward to spend his maximum time with you, then he is the right choice for you. This means that he cannot live without you. It means that you are one step closer to spend the entire life with him. It is the bonus point if it is his decision to live-in together.

  1. Thinks about your happiness

If he always talks about your future goals and skills and put in efforts to make you happy then he is always busy in planning to spend time with you.

  1. he makes a point to correct himself

If he does not repeat or does things which annoys you and make sure that he corrects his behaviour which is not liked by you then he is definitely looking forward for you as his future partner.

  1. When everything that’s his is yours

When he replaces “mine” with “ours” for his stuff, then he is looking forward to live his life with you. Sharing of everything makes it hard for one to get separated. So it is a bonus point for you.

  1. Talks about marrying you

If he is always busy in planning about your wedding and engagement then he is madly in love with you and wants to marry you as soon as possible.

  1. He remembers your smallest detail

If he remembers each and every small thing of yours then he is very much interested in you. Every little thing matters a lot.

  1. Sharing social account details

If he has no problem in sharing his social account details then he is definitely not cheating you and is loyal to you.

  1. Appreciates you

When he often appreciates you even when you know you are not looking good that means he loves you the way you are and is serious for you.

  1. Takes a dead arm for you

If you rest your head on his shoulder and he painfully suffers it just for your comfort then he is madly in love with you and will never leave you.

  1. You can’t imagine life without him

If you can’t even think of a second without him then you should go for him and if same is the case with him then you are serious for each other and should marry without giving it a thought.

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