17 awkward things everyone does in their life

17 awkward things everyone does in their life

17 awkward things everyone does in their lifeWe all do awkward things in our life. Two people exist inside everyone. One we showed to others and the other we all hide from others. We never want to show that other side to the public. There are various awkward things everyone does in their life. People usually do in public but they are not ready to accept it. The reason is not that it is illegal, in fact, it is so because it is really embarrassing and awkward. We actually feel shy or embarrassed if anybody sees us doing that.

But its ok there is nothing like embarrassing. Everyone does these awkward things and it is totally acceptable. There is nothing wrong with doing that. Its like one cannot be perfect all the time. We know that this is not a movie. It is a real life. Everyone has flaws and there is no shame in admitting any awkward things we usually did in our life.

Today in this article I am going to tell you, secret another side of the person which they don’t want to show to the public. Also which they never admit too. I will make you notice certain awkward things that we all do when we are confident enough that there is no one who is watching us.

So here is the list of all 17 awkward things everyone does in their life

1-Googling yourself most of the time

 This is something really weird that we usually search for ourselves on google. We are very interested in knowing about ourselves that too in the google. Have you ever realize that how come google knows better about ourselves. It is we who can analyses ourselves better. But these awkward things we do when we are tired, upset and even embarrassed.

2- Waving at someone who wasn’t actually waving at you

This is something we all come across once in our life. We wave to that person but when we realize that it is not for us it’s too late. It is actually not for us but for the one who is standing behind us. But if such happens we pretend as if we are waving one of our friends. Also in order to avoid that awkward situation, we often walk away immediately and also avoid eye contact. But let me tell you guys that there is no good recovery.

3– Getting caught checking yourself in the window

This is one of the most common things that we all do. We love to watch ourselves in a mirror but we cant have that big mirror to see in that every time. We usually check ourselves in the office building mirror. Also while walking on the road on the car windows. We see whether anyone watching or not. And if we found that nobody is watching we start fixing our hair, tuck in the shirt etc.

4- Enjoying your own private mini-concerts in the car

There are so many people who are not good at singing but they like murmuring songs. We often see people murmuring while driving. Also when they stuck in the car traffic and also tap the figures on the car steering, making their own music. They also sing loudly in their voice as they know that nobody is watching them. But they literally become embarrassed when they realized that their stupidity is clearly visible from the glass windows. So what if it is closed.

5- Talking to your pet like it’s a real person

This is a really awkward thing which most of the people do who totally in love with their pets. They talk to them share their emotions as if they are human beings. They talk to them continuously without even realizing that these innocent pets are not even replying them back. But suppose people laugh at them at this habits they usually feel embarrassed and even got upset.

6- Running water in the washroom to have some  privacy

Do you know that most of the people spend hours in the washroom by running water continuously without making use of it? They know that nobody is watching them in the bathroom still, they continue doing that awkward thing.

7- Having your kids made macaroni and cheese

This is really common with the people who have kids around them. We usually eat the stuff which is made for the kids. But we do also like them to eat it. We do this awkward thing usually when they are away because if we do that in front of them they will shout at us and maybe they scream.

8- Gossiping about someone

 We all like gossiping about others when we are with the friends. But do you realize what happens when they are near you to whom you are gossiping about? When they suddenly appear in front of you, you change the topic and start talking to that person only. Start greeting him etc. But this is something really awkward things which we usually encounter.

9- Wearing headphones when there is no music playing in real

 There are so many people who really don’t like talking to and want to sit alone. If you say that you do not want to talk then it shows your rude behavior. So what they do, they just wear the earphones and pretend as if they are enjoying listening music but in reality, they are listening nothing. But if somebody just plugs out your earphone and sees you listening nothing. Then they just start laughing. This way it becomes a real awkward thing which embarrasses you.

10- You jump onto your bed to avoid the monster underneath it

There are so many people who get scared easily but they don’t show. While seeing turned off lights of their room and they quickly enter and jump on to the bed without seeing here and there. They imagine as if there is some ghost or monster under the bed which will go to eat you. This is a really awkward thing which we all usually do in our life.

11- Showing not to see someone in public

We all have the friend, we all have the enemy. There some people we never like talking to them. We just hate them totally. But it happens that we found them in public and even we noticed them. But we totally deny that we noticed them. This is something really awkward we feel if somebody sees us watching him or her.

12- Accidentally liking or texting a crush’s photo on social networking sites

We all have the crush to whom we like a lot but we hide to tell. We usually spend our time in scrolling down their pictures. Looking on them for hours. We all accidentally like them text them and show as if we don’t do. Till the time we tried to undo what we just forget its become late and he or she already read that message. This is really an awkward thing which we all do but always refuse to accept that.

13- Listening cheesy music

We many times listen to cheesy music but we hide to tell it to others. Though we like all that weird music but never tell it to other. This we do so in order to hide our real interest as it affects our disciplined personality.

14- Narrating a life like our Hollywood movie trailer

There are various people who love to narrate their life like a Hollywood trailer or a story. This is something really awkward which they do often.

15- Secretly putting back the produce you dropped at the grocery store

We usually dropped various grocery stuff in the market while shopping at the grocery stores. But what we do, we look here and there and secretly put back the stuff at their place which we dropped.

16- Screaming at fictional characters on TV

We often sees that there are so many people who start screaming while watching TV serials. They cry when their favorite Tv actors died in the serial. This is something really crazy things as first of all nothing happen to that person in real. Also they are doing as per the scripts. They cry , they shout which is so stupid.As they don’t even hear you then why to shout at them. Also they do such crazy things but they hardly admit.

17- Watching Reality TV

We all watch reality shows on TV, But you must have seen that there are various people who never wants to admit that.

The above written in the worst awkward things which we all do once in our lifetime and I should say most of the time.


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