According to science, it is believed that every single person on earth dreams for about two hours or more each night. People from different culture and backgrounds are reported having similar dreams. But have you ever thought that dreams belong to your life and they reflect some specific insight.

What are Dreams?

Dreams are a Universal Language which creates images, ideas, feelings out of our emotional concepts. It occurs during certain stages of sleep. Sometimes it is hard to remember all these dreams.

Suzanne Bergmann is a licensed social and professional dream worker for about 16 years. She is a member of the experienced team of Dream Reflectors at Dreams Cloud. This organization provides feedbacks and various insights about dreams.

Here are 14 common dreams found by Dream Reflectors at Dream clouds: 

These dreams are so common that they do highlight some generally accepted meaning about them.


According to the reports, this is one of the most common dreams seen by people. It is because of the fear that makes easier for us to remember this dream. In this dreams, we are seen running to protect ourselves from the other person who is seen chasing us.

What does it mean?

The Chase dreams mean that something in our daily life needs attention. It means you are neglecting something that needs your attention. It can be either a person or an issue in your life. It can also represent a stage of your life.

  1. Water Dream

Water Dreams are said to represent our state of mind. It can be your emotion or unconscious mind. They are one of the most powerful dream symbols. It even depends on the intensity and the quality of water seen in the dreams. Is it cloudy, clear, turbulent or calm? These types are said to express your emotions and feelings. Basically, it determines how effectively you are managing your emotions.

What does it mean?

If you are swimming in the water then it means that you are moving towards some new goals and destinations.

If you dream about diving in the water then there is a need for you to understand your goals and intentions.

And if you are seen drowning in water then you might be experiencing a lot of stress from work, family or friends.

  1. Dream of Vehicles

Vehicles in our dream reflect the direction we are moving and also the rate of control in that direction. It shows the journey of life which you are currently living. It even depicts our personality, mind, ego, and consciousness.

What does it mean?

It means that it is giving us the power to control the direction in which you are moving and shows the correct path. It also highlights all the obstacles you might face in that direction which might require your attention.

  1. People in your dreams

People in your dream depict the characters which you need to develop into yourself. These people can be related to your family or an existing relationship. Dreaming about your lover in your daily life can be one such reason for seeing people in dreams.

What does it mean?

It means there are some Interpersonal issues of your life you need to work upon. It also represents different aspects of your life.

  1. School or Classroom

This is the most common dreams in which you find yourself in the classrooms with some surprising test going on. It is also known as Dream Pun which means that mind is using a concept or a word to explain you the definition of something. These dreams are mainly seen by people who have left schools years ago.

What does it mean?

If you find yourself stuck in between unprepared test then you need to learn something from the past experiences of your life. A Student may represent an aspect of your life.

It also means that you are learning something new in your daily life of which you are not taking any advantage.

  1. Paralysis

Paralysis dreams restrict you from performing any physical actions in your dream, leaving your body paralyzed. In this dream, you find yourself awake and are unable to move your body. It is one of the most horrifying experiences of your life.

What does it mean?

It reflects the overlapping of the day and dreamy life. It also means that you are lacking control of your daily life. It also represents the struggles and problems you might be facing in your daily life.

  1. Death Dreams

In this dream, you might see yourself or any family members or friends dead. It is because of the dramatic change happening in your daily life. Dreams about death are often connected to another dream symbol like a rising sun.

What does it mean?

It can be the end of one thing and the entry of other things in your life. It can be your Subconscious mind which is depicting some important aspect of your daily life. It can be ending of any relationship or a phase of your life.

  1. Flying

Flying in your dream reflects the amount of control you have in your daily life and your ability to achieve goals and ambitions of your life. You can see high flying as well as low flying which is caught in various obstacles.

What does it mean?

It represents the rate of freedom you have in your daily life. It also means that you are escaping all the pressures of your daily life. It is a positive sign which means that something good is going to enter into your daily life. It is also believed to bring future luck and self-guidance.

  1. Falling in your dream

In Falling dream you see yourself fallen slowly which might be scary at times. In this, you feel that you will die if you don’t wake up before hitting the ground. It reflects your behavior in your relationship and work environment.

What does it mean?

It represents the rate of calmness in your life. It also means that something in our daily life is very much out of control. It also represents the feelings of insecurities, instabilities, and anxieties in our daily life.

  1. Nudity

Your emotional and Psychological exposure rate is often expressed in your dreams in the form of Nudity. It depends on the part of the body which is exposed in your dream which can be more helpful for us to understand our dreams.

What does it mean?

It depicts multiple things in your daily life. It also represents your feeling of shamefulness which means you are hiding something from someone in your daily life. It also alerts you to the problems in your daily life.

  1. Baby

In this, you might see a baby crying but these are positive dreams. It represents our unachieved goals and also our frustrations of not achieving them. If you dream about a baby who is neglected then it means you are not giving enough attention to yourself.

What does it mean?

It means something new is about to enter your life which can be a new idea or a new project including new developments or potential growth in some specific areas of our daily life. It might also represent an immature aspect of your life or any new aspect which is developing in your daily life.

  1. Food

Food dreams convey you an idea which you need to implement and digest. These are related to our emotions and spirituality. You might see yourself eating almonds or fruits.

What does it mean?

Food dream is said to represent a rate of energy, nourishment, and knowledge. It also means that you might hungry to achieve some new things in your life or even more success.

  1. House

In-house dreams you might see your house or a new house with different styles and rooms.

What does it mean?

House dream represent your mindset. Different rooms of the house might represent a different level of ideas and degrees of consciousness in your daily life. It can also relate to intimate thoughts and feelings you have in your daily life.


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