One mysterious and perplexing subject that people fear discussing is of a ghost. There are so many terrifying stories associated with ghosts that we usually avoid this kind of topic.

As per the conservative point of view, ghosts are the spirits of the deceased people. The one who for some reason is ‘stuck’ between this plane of existence and the next.

All of us are scared of ghosts. The mere thought would shiver us. When we come to know that all of us might become ghosts after death, the very idea would scare us more.

Anyone would like to reach heaven if at all death occurs. Ghosts are scary and unholy. That is the reason why we try to embrace holy principles irrespective of the religion we follow.

Only people who have reached the 50% (samashṭi) or 60% (vyashṭi) spiritual level and have low ego are able to proceed to the higher regions of Heaven and beyond and do not become ghosts.

Well, almost all cultures in this world believe in ghosts. Though there are various reasons let us discuss a few of the common beliefs

Here is the list of one who becomes the ghost after death-

1- Because they don’t know yet!

Many people think that some spirits don’t know that they are dead. Famous ghost hunter Hans Holzer writes, “A ghost is a human being who has passed out of the physical body, usually in a traumatic state and is not aware usually of his true condition. We are all spirits enclosed in a physical body. During the time of passing, our spirit body continues into the next dimension. A ghost, on the other hand, due to trauma, is stuck in our physical world and needs to be released to go on.”

2- Establishing contact

Some spirits remain at or near the site of their death. Particularly if it was sudden and surprising. They remain puzzled and don’t know or believe that they have died. These spirits stay in the area and try to establish contact with anyone that comes near to the things they are attached to.

3- Because they are in renunciation

You can believe it or not, there are spirits traveling out. They are actually aren’t clear on the fact that they’ve died. The mind is a very powerful tool. If someone who is very committed to living dies all of a sudden. Then it could take days or even weeks for them to get the clue. They end up haunting their hangout places. They also trying to get the attention of the living and doubting why you can’t hear them.

4- Because they have unfulfilled desires

Sometimes an unfulfilled wish does not allow the spirit to go to the next kingdom. This desire is something that they wanted with all their heart. It can be anything from finishing a book to wanting a grandchild.

5- Because they are guilty

Fault can also be a reason for a spirit being blocked here. They may feel like they have uncontrolled their family with no one to take care of them. Many people believe that this is one of the main reason why suicide victims and other spirits whose death was caused by their actions (alcoholics, drug overdose, etc) remain behind.

6- Because they lack the spiritual connection

The one who lacks spiritual practice also become the ghost after death. Spiritual connection is something which is must to get peace. So containing progressive level of surrender of mind body and intellect, done only with the purpose of God-realization.

7- Because they have unfinished business

Some spirits stay behind to take care of unfinished business. It may be to make sure their finances and their loved ones are ok or to pass along one final message. Frequently these earthbound spirits do not remain here for long. Once they can complete their goal, they normally pass over.

8- Because they are afraid

Sometimes a spirit becomes aware of the fact that he or she has died. But is also aware that life continues beyond that. They do not go to the light for reasons such as the fear that their existence will end. The fear of the unknown, fear of being judged for past deeds etc. These spirits are certain here due to their own fears.

9- Because we don’t let them go

Sometimes a living can also embrace a spirit here. By not letting go of them, they can be sure here by our love. This makes them unable or unwilling to go on. It is until the living can come to terms with the loss. This happens when people go outside the normal grief-stricken process. She became gripped by the dead person.

10- Because they choose not to go

When a spirit gets “stuck” on this earth plane, they are referred to as Earthbound. However, they are not really “bound” at all. Each of them can choose to move on at any time. Some of them choose not to.

12- Because they are jealous

Though exceptionally uncommon, there are accounts of ghostly entities. The one who are associating themselves not to things, but to people. This throws themselves into worldly relationships. It is usually out of some unwise idea of selfishness or jealousy.


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