We all have lots of plans when we are engaged and about to get married. It is the most special day of our life. We also wanted to make it so perfect in order to avoid any kind of mishap that could ruin everything you’ve spent so long planning for. Do u know that there are certain important things which you must avoid towards your wedding  If you are a would-be bride or groom then you should keep certain critical things in your mind to make your wedding day most special?

There are various important things you must avoid towards your wedding if you really want your wedding day to go without a problem. So in this article, I am going to tell the actual 12 things you must avoid towards your wedding

1-Don’t Sleep Late at Night

We all like talking to our fiancé late at night. It is the most amazing experience we came across when we get engaged and heading towards the wedding.Though it seems really good but in reality, it will totally ruin our wedding photographs. Tell me do you like to see yourself with the puffy eyes, pale, dull skin in your wedding photographs. Both the bride and groom have been really excited, filled with a lot of anxiety and questions. They love to talk late at night with their fiancé but can totally ruin the beauty of your face. The day when you want to look the best may turn into a pale face with dark circled eyes. If you want to look the beast with glowing and shiny skin then you must sleep on time.

2-Don’t Forget to Drink Water

Drinking water is really important if your wedding day is near. This is considered as the most important tip. Do you know water alone is enough to give you the best facial that gives you the most beautiful look? It has not just the ability to make your skin clear and glowing but also makes the hair shiny and soft. Try to avoid water while eating in between your dinner and lunch. Drinking lots of water in a day can also improve your metabolism that will definitely necessary for the good looks. So if you are towards your wedding then please have a lot of water.

3-Don’t eat Spicy Food

Eating heavy and lots of spicy food can upset your stomach due to improper digestion. It may lead to stomach disorders as well. You know on your wedding day you have to sit and stand for hours. If you have any stomach ache or it is upset then this will be a really uncomfortable situation for you. You may even face dizziness and sweats all day. So try to have simple, easily digestible healthy meal that won’t leave you running towards the bathroom.

4-Don’t have Carbonated and Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol and carbonated beverages contain a lot of calories which cannot only disturb your diet but it can also affect the digestion. For that avoid foamy drinks. You must have fruit juice or mineral only.

5-You must not try new Skincare Products

This is something really important, you must not tray any new skin product on the face. It may happen that it leads to any reaction on the face and body as you are not habitual of it. So experimenting any new skin care product is really a risky task which you must avoid if you are to heading towards your wedding day. We all want to look best and there are also many people, that is relative friends and family members who will tell you to try this and that cream. But please try to avoid those cosmetics which is totally new to your skin. The new cosmetic may lead to horrible acne on your face during the wedding day.

6- Don’t go for a Hair Cut a Week Before

Do you know that it took around two weeks to look more natural after a haircut? If you want to look best in regard with your hair then have a haircut a month before your wedding day. So that it will look natural.  Then go for spa or hair smoothing as it will not only provide a nice texture to your hair but also relax you.

7- Don’t Get Facials Near The Wedding

Though many time our beautician suggest going for heavy facials such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels. But try to avoid these things if you have a very sensitive skin. Try to go for natural remedies and homemade products without chemicals. If you really have a bad skin and heavy facial is really required. Then try to have that facial 2 months before the wedding day. In this way, you can easily get rid of redness, itchiness and any peeling.

8- Don’t go DIY crazy

We usually spend hours in watching DIY when our wedding day is near.DIY is the good one should not become crazy about it. There are many brides who believe in doing various facial techniques through DIYS. They waste a lot of time in learning things through DIYs. Watching DIYs videos may also affect your health and many times they even misguide you. So if your wedding day is near and you are keen to learn new things related cooking, sewing to impress your in-laws and husband then please it’s better you join any classes. This will definitely save your time and also provides you real learning.

9- Don’t Drive Yourself Around

There are various people who love driving and they perfect too in driving. But please don’t for a drive as when your wedding day is about to arrive, you may become little anxious and distracted too. So it quite risky to drive during that time. Moreover, it makes you tired. So try to have a family or friend who will drive for you, if you are towards a wedding.

10- Don’t Exercise Too Hard

It is very obvious that we all got conscious about our weight when we are towards our wedding day. Don’t go to gym every single, as you have to save lots of energy for the wedding dance with your bride or groom. Try to go for jogging or a morning walk other than the gym.  The jogging and fresh air of the morning help in removing wedding stress as well which you will face when you are towards your wedding day.

 11- Don’t  Eat or Drink Dark Foods

If you want to have the killing white smiles on your wedding day then please avoid dark colored drinks and even foods. Also totally avoid dark coffee, blueberries, black tea, tobacco products, dark-colored soda and high acidic food etc. It will destroy the whiteness of your teeth and turns it into a pale color. It even gives you a kind of cigar-stained teeth which usually old people have. You must try to use some products which leads to teeth whitening one month before your wedding day. One can also use whitening strips. This is also one month before your wedding day. You know it will take a certain time to get your teeth a proper white color so try to start using whitening trip a mo0nth before. It takes a while for your teeth to be pearly, so earlier you start, the better.

12- Don’t disclose your plans

It is really nice to share things with your family and friends. But it is not necessary to share things in details. Don’t disclose the firm details of your planning. We all love to tell others what we will go to wear and go there after marriage. Try not to tell everything to your friend as it may hurt you if things which you have planned does happen in reality.

These are certain things which you must avoid towards your wedding day. Try to avoid such things to make your day as special as you always wanted to be.


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