11more dead bodies of Naxalites found in this district of Maharashtra

11more dead bodies of Naxalites found in this district of Maharashtra

On Tuesday, 11 more dead bodies of Naxalites were found on the banks of Indrāvati River flowing across the border of Maharashtra-Chhattisgarh. The search operation is also being performed in the entire Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra.

11more dead bodies of Naxalites found in this district of Maharashtra

The decomposed dead bodies of the 11 Naxalites were floating on the banks of River Indrāvati. These 11 Naxalites earlier managed to escape from the forest after the gunfight with security forces on Sunday.


Number of Naxalites killed

In this search operation, about 37 Naxalites are killed in the Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra. Out of 37, about 22 Naxalites are killed in the Karanasur forest on Sunday. According to the sources, Police also attacked 6 more Naxalites in the Rajaram Khalla village of Jimlagatta, Ahri tehsil.

11more dead bodies of Naxalites found in this district of Maharashtra

Jimlagatta is about 60 km away from the place where the encounter took place on Sunday. The encounter was for about 36 hours and took place at about 7 pm and 8 pm in the evening on Tuesday.


Therefore, the encounter killed about 16 rebels including seven women. Among these 6 Naxalites, 1 who claimed himself as the commander of Daman was recognized as Nandu. Out of 37 Naxalites, who were killed on Sunday the identity of 11 of them has been revealed. Out of them, 2 have been identified as the District level Commanders named Sainath and Sainu.

The operation involved special C-60 Commandos

Sharad Shelar, the Inspector General of Police addressed a joint press conference in the district of Gadchiroli on a Sunday evening about their Anti-Naxal Operation. The local SP Abhinav Deshmukh also shared his views and said that the security forces were attacked by the fire from Naxals who were hidden in the forest.


According to the Police officer Sharad Shelar, the encounter took place on Tuesday at 10:00 am in Bhamragad area Karanasur forest of the Rajaram Khalla village.

11more dead bodies of Naxalites found in this district of Maharashtra

The entire campaign was headed by the special C-60 Commandos of the District Police and also by the 9th CRPF personnel. The Director-General of the Police, Satish Mathur congratulated the entire team of C-60 Commandos.


The entire Gadchiroli district has been sealed by the security forces including jungles, villages, hills, and valleys. This is done to find out the other hidden Naxalites. Due to heavy rain, the search operation is being stopped in some regions of Gadchiroli district.

The other neighboring states of Maharashtra like Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh are on high alert. The security of these states also has been improved after the biggest anti-Naxalites operation took place in around four decades.


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