Navratri is a major Hindu festival celebrated all across India. This marks the arrival of the Goddess Durga. The goddess arrives through 9 different avatars in our homes.

Navratri Festival is celebrated by Hindus with great devotion.It is a festival of zeal, happiness, lights, joy, and festivity. Hindus celebrate this with devotion and enthusiasm throughout India.

Each and every day has its significance and meaning. People worship Goddess in three forms. Through this, they try to improve their physical, mental and spiritual practice in these nine days.

Durga, who is also known as Kali and Shakti signifies female power and emancipation. During Navaratri, we raise the energy aspect of God. It is in a form of the universal mother, commonly referred to as ” Durga,”. She is known as the means of eliminating all miseries of life.

She is also denoted as “Devi” (goddess) or “Shakti” (energy or power). It is this energy, which helps God to proceed with the work of creation, preservation, and destruction. In other words, we can say that God is motionless, absolutely changeless, and the Divine Mother Durga does everything.

Though we all know that what to do during Navratri, there are few things that you must not do in order to avoid making goddess angry. So please avoid doing such things-

1- Avoid Haircut

Preferably, one should not get one’s hair cut or do a shave during Navratri. As per the Hindu ideology, it is said that this angers Goddess Durga and invites her anger. Particularly people who are observing fast should not have a shave or haircut. If you have work promises, then you can probably give yourself a shave a couple of times.But avoid getting your hair cut. Also. do not organize a mundan ceremony for your child during this period.

2- Kalash

During Navratri people go to any lengths in order to keep the Goddess happy. Starting a Kalash at home is one of them. If you too have taken the pain of doing up one, then make sure that it is well taken care of. Also, if you light an Akhand jyot, (one that burns all day/night) then make sure that it does not burn out. Furthermore, make sure that your house is not kept empty during this period (someone should be in the house all the time).

 If you have lit up Akhand Jyoti, ensure the presence of a person in home 24×7.If you are chanting Chalisa or Saptashati, never gap it to talk with someone. It will bring negative energy into your body.

3- Avoid Nonveg food

Avoid eating onions, garlic and non- veg food during the 9 days. Though almost everyone knows that one should not eat garlic, ginger, and even onions during this period. Apart from completely refraining from nonveg food and alcohol.

As they are Tamasic in nature Ayurvedic texts say that onions and garlic should be avoided during a season change which is when Navratri falls. This is because they heat up the body from within and might result in an illness. However, do you know that slicing a lemon too is considered inauspicious during Navratri? If you essential to, you can use lemon juice brought from the market.

4- Sleeping

You can’t obviously give up sleeping for nine days, but one should avoid sleeping in the afternoon during this time. This is particularly true for those who are fasting. As it is said that if you sleep during the daytime during Navratri (at a time when you should be up and about), then all the “good karma” attained from the fast goes null and void. So you should avoid. Also if you are fasting, then this one is an important tip. It is said as per the Vishnu Purana that taking a nap in the noon is prohibited.

5- Small Meals

 Instead of starving yourself, eat small meals throughout the day. Of course keep your portions small and do not eat like you would normally eat on a non-fasting day. However, do not wait for the sun to set to have that one large meal. Divide your meals into small bits and have them throughout the day. If you are having a fruit, complete it in one sitting.

6- Telling lies or using foul language

Though this is something that you must not be doing on other days as well. Many people say that since Goddess Durga does not like lies, deceit and foul language. So using it angers Goddess Durga, which is why you must not avoid doing the same during Navratri.

7- Consuming alcohol

Hindus believe that consuming alcohol during any holy ceremony or festival must be completely escaped. So it should be followed during Navratri as well. Many a times people chew tobacco to battle hunger. End it, as addiction destroys your fast.

8- Cut your nails

While no one knows whether this has been scientifically proven or not. But many traditional families still follow this ritual of not cutting your hair and nails during these nine auspicious days.

9- Having sex

This is particularly applicable to those who read the Durga Saptashi and observe the nine days fast as it is said that having unholy thoughts in the mind dissolves the purity of the purpose. Also being on a celibacy mode, avoid making physical relations, it hampers the result of fast.

10- Fried food

A lot of people assume that since they are not having regular food such as paratha, white rice, sweets and bread. So they are avoiding a lot of calories on Navratri. But, this is so not true. A lot of vrat food is deep fried, but make an effort to either shallow fry it or bake it for better results. Avoid eating such food on an empty stomach since it can give you acidity. While having fast people should avoid using grain and salt in the food.

11- Wear clean clothes

People should not wear the dirty clothes during Navratra. One should also not use leather made products like belt, sleepers, shoes. It is done  to respect Mother Goddess and to build spirituality. So most of the Indian people does not wear their footwear in Navratri. People do not wear black clothes during this period and avoid keeping leather goods with them. As it is a holy period , and the practice of going barefoot during Navratri came from the concept of refraining from wearing leather or any other animal skin. But you can wear plastic footwear.


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