Despite of the fact that you are rich and famous or you have plans for vacations, there are a few must-have travel apps which you must have on your high-end phone. Requiring a private jet ASAP, time saving errands all these are just a click away with these ten apps.

You can fly in a private jet or a luxury yacht using these apps


Instead of wasting time in queuing up at the airport and using points to purchase airfare, you can fly using a private jet with JetSmarter.

JetSmarter allows you to search and book private flights throughout the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East by connecting you to idle jets and unused seats in planes all around the world. Luxury air travel is now easily accessible to book private jets for business or pleasure.


If you are looking forward to travel from one place to another within very small time interval then  you can prefer this app.

Blade allows you to book a flight on helicopter within seconds with scheduled flights in the Northeast and California.

You can book helicopters, seaplanes, and jets between Manhattan, Miami, The Hamptons, New Jersey Coast, Atlantic City, Nantucket, Boston, and more with speedy arrivals.


SlipFinder connects boaters and marinas in real time. This app was created by boaters, for boating. If you’re looking to book a boat or you have a yacht to spare and want to make some extra dough  you can save time by booking slip with SlipFinder.

Luxurious stays

If you are looking forward for comfort, you can book it on these apps


Inspirato is a luxury accommodation service that includes both the property and the guest experience with the surety of giving you the very best homes, furnishings, décor, and personalized service.

It had more than 900 vacation options, including private vacation homes, top hotels and resorts, and excited adventures in more than 150 locations.

With this app it is easier to view existing reservations and itineraries anywhere, anytime with on-demand service team whenever needed.


It provides a five-star experience in a charming local home.  Onefinestay allows travelers to experience the city of their choice by staying in a carefully curated and beautiful home without the owner’s interruption.

It is easy to book with all the amenities required from crisp white sheets and towels to round clock support. The app itself will plan your journey and arrival, and provide all the info you’ll need once you arrive. You only have to pick the place and reach there.

Luxury Retreats:

Luxury Retreats is the app for luxury vacations. You can book high vacation rentals from all around the world with this easy access to the app, from private wine country villas in Tuscany to Maui beach houses.

Time Saving

These apps will take care of your time by providing speedy access.


The DUFL app provides personal DUFL closet to store your clothing. You only need to open the app and select what clothing you’d like to bring and once your trip is scheduled you’ll have to travel bag free.

Your freshly cleaned and neatly packed clothing will meet you at your specified destination. You can easily schedule a pickup from where you’re staying and your clothes will be ready in your virtual closet.

Hello Alfred:

Hello Alfred app provides all facilities from picking up groceries and dry cleaning to sending packages, Alfred is an automatic, hands-off service which saves your time for more important things. Alfred does background checks for everyone and only the top 5 percent of applicants actually get hired.


It helps you to figure out the best places to eat or the coolest nightclubs to check out. Quintessentially is an app that features lists of the finest restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in over 90 countries around the world.

It provides opportunities through the app, like scoring a last-minute table at The Ivy or grabbing newly released tickets for popular concerts.


Goop is a lifestyle website which is owned by actress Gwyneth Paltrow, inspired by her popular lifestyle ah app named G. Spotting was made. This app brings you interesting and authentic guides to the world’s greatest cities.

From New York to London, from LA to Aspen, it provides well-known haunts, hidden gems, and plenty of insider resources sourced from Gwyneth herself. When looking for the best restaurants, boutiques, hotels, museums, and more, G. Spotting can be a useful resource.



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