In today’s world, you cannot even think of a life without internet. We have plenty of things to do with the help of internet. But also there are plenty of things which you do daily without even thinking twice.

You might not realize that these things are illegal on the internet. Most of us haven’t accidentally threatened someone else online or downloaded any copyrighted material without realizing that we are committing a crime.

Let’s see some things that are now illegal on the internet and some laws which are relatively easy to break online.

  1. Accessing Torrent Copyrighted Material

Torrenting is a legal activity unless you aren’t downloading or uploading copyrighted material. Downloading or sharing of a copyrighted movie, copyrighted songs, software, TV shows with people who haven’t purchased them or downloading them without purchasing them are illegal actions done during torrenting. There is always a possibility of you to get caught eventually.

Instead of this illegal activities try to explore legal routes of obtaining the media you want. Use the small amount of money so that you can use legal means of watching and listening to your favorite things.

  1. Sending of Spam Mails

You receive numbers of spam mails every day. But do you know that sending of spam mails is an illegal activity? Spamming is illegal as per the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 which prohibits sending spam and enforces hefty fines on the one who does it.

Try to ask people to follow your social media profiles to know more about what’s important to you. Remember the CAN-SPAM Act applied to social media too, so verify that people truly appreciate and value what you send to them.

  1. Writing of a fake news article to damage someone’s reputation

You might not think about a person reputation before writing fake news about him. Legislators have not yet banned fake news in the U.S, but many of the major sites including Facebook are taking some actions against it.

Instead of worrying about other people’s status try to improve your own reputation. In order to get highlighted in the news try to add events in the community and write some press releases to distribute to news outlets.

  1. Usage of Google Picture

Very few people are aware of this fact that usage of Google picture is illegal. You cannot freely use the pictures found there for a blog post, website, or another type of web-based content. Many of them are copyrighted, and if you use them without the permission of the owner than you’re breaking the law.

Instead of that use photos which are licensed.  There are many websites that compile such photos and allow you to search and download them for free.

  1. High level pranking on YouTube

When you browse on YouTube you get multiple videos displaying prank and humor which showcased questionable parenting techniques, playing jokes on youngsters which get traumatized rather than using them for amusement.

Before launching a YouTube channel based on humor try to gauge views of several friends. Doing this is better than taking risk of doing some illegal activity.

  1. Creating a website by neglecting service agreement

If you have a site with threatening or obscene content than you are not abiding by the web hosting rules. This is illegal and your website won’t last for a longer time period.

Avoid launching a site with threatening or obscene content. Follow all the legal stipulations associated with a hosting service before you sign up for it. For any query try to refer an official representative rather than asking friends or making assumptions.

7.    Impersonation of a friend on social media

Many of us try to impersonate our friend on social media for joking purpose. But that is again one illegal action to log into the social media account of a person you know for impersonation. Nine states have made online impersonation illegal. An impersonation attempt which embarrasses an individual and harms his or her reputation is a crime.

Try to publishing content on your own accounts and avoid taking advantage of someone who forgot to logout of his account.

8.      Behaving Insensitive or unkind online

We don’t see people’s facial expressions while interacting with them online so it’s hard to know their reactions. Bringing up of sensitive topics and keep mentioning them after someone tells you to stop, is illegal and is known as Cyberbullying. There are 48 state-specific laws against harassing someone online.

Try to apologize, if you hurt someone online with your words or actions, listen up and change your approach.

9.      Collection of information of youth under 13

If you do surveys or follow other means of freely gathering data from people who are under 13, you’re violating the Children’s Online Protection Act.

Try to get a verified form of consent from children’s parents mentioning the information you’re using and how by staying within the law.

10.   Extraction of Audios from YouTube Videos

There are many websites whereby using the address of a published YouTube video, you can get an audio file containing sounds from the clip. People often use those sites as solutions for getting music for free. But when you are using it for copyrighted material than this practice is illegal.

Instead download the free version of Spotify which includes millions of songs, plus podcasts, video episodes, and audiobooks. Use this legal site to explore all that content.



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