summer weight loss tipsDue to today’s busy lifestyle, we often come across with the big problem of weight gain which becomes really difficult to lose. There are various ways through we can have desired weight loss. Detox water is one of them. We can do exercise, walking, jogging but they all require a lot of time and patience which we usually don’t have.

But do you know  that there is one easy, natural, nutritious and tasty way of weight loss. Yes, there is and this is nothing but detox water through which one can easily get rid of that worst belly fat. Detox water is nothing but a tasty DIY drink which help in removing toxins from the lever and also melts the extra belly fat.

In this article, we have mentioned some very east detox water recipes through which you can have weight loss without spending much time and money –

1-Ginger flat detox water recipe

We all know about ginger but do you know through this simple ingredient, a tasty detox water recipe can be made. Before telling you about the detox water recipe let me brief you with the benefits of ginger in weight loss. Due to the medicinal properties of ginger, it is majorly integrated with the detox water drinks. The Ginger has excellent medicinal properties, for instance, it can give you the feeling of full, due to which one cant feel hungry. Also, it enhances the metabolism and aids better digestion.

As per research studies, ginger gives you the feeling of satiety. It is because ginger has a thermogenic effect. Also, ginger can be utilized by the obese for effective weight loss.

Here is the Recipe:

First, you have, chop or grate few pieces of ginger and add water to it. Bring to the boil and allow cooking for 5 minutes but with lit covered. When this detox water drink has cooled, add around 2 tbs of honey and orange juice.

This detox water drink can be consumed hot or cold.

2- Flat tummy water with lemon

Lemon is one of the most wonderful ingredients that helps a lot in weight loss. It contains vitamin which is beneficial for weight loss of the person. This is one of the critical ingredients that almost all detox water drinks had. Also, it boosts the process of belly fat loss. The lemon juice and pulp consist of high amounts of vitamin C, pectin fiber, and citric acid. Lemons acts best in fighting against weight gain. Thus helps in getting a help a flat belly. Also having lemon in the detox water drinks the fastest way to lose weight.

The research studies confirm that Is consists of pectin fiber that gives the feeling of satiety. Also, it contains enzymes that lead to the effective functioning of the lever. This not only gives rise to weight loss but also suppressed fat accumulation.


It has a quick and easy step to create this lemon detox water drink for weight loss. You just need to squeeze around half a lemon into a glass of water. For effective results, you must drink this water every morning empty stomach. This will definitely give you a fresh start of the day and also removes toxins.

3-Flat tummy detox water recipe with strawberries

This is also one of the most effective and tasty detox water drinks. This also contains lemon as the main ingredient.


For this detox water recipe, you just need to take 15 sliced strawberries, slices of 1 lemon and 5 fresh mints leave into a pitcher. Then completely fill it with the ice-cool water. Pit this detox water drink in the refrigerator and leave it for overnight to infuse.

The strawberries are used to balance the tartness of the lemons. The mint is added not just for flavor but also helps increase the weight-loss properties of this detox drink.

This you take in the morning. Also, consume it for a whole day whenever you want.

4-Apple cider vinegar detox drink

Apple cider vinegar detox drink is one of the excellent fat burner and the detox drink.  It is made up of raw unprocessed apple cider vinegar.

As per the various research studies, it is extremely helpful for the weight loss and reducing troublesome belly fat. This raw, unprocessed apple cider vinegar is really beneficial because of the presence of acetic acid. The acetic acid helps in averting the gathering of body fat by enhancing the function of the liver. In addition to that acetic acid levels in vinegar raise the feeling of satiety due to which person eat less.


For this detox water recipe. You just need to mix about 1-2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar in a  glass of water. For effective results, you have to drink this in the morning empty stomach. If in case it tastes too sour and acidic, one can add few drops of raw honey which is a best natural sweetener. The coolest way to enhance your weight-loss program. You have to consume this apple cider vinegar by diluting it with water daily.

5- Lemon, cayenne pepper, and honey detox water recipe

Do you know that by integrating a small quantity of spice with the flavored water mixtures, you can help to control appetite and also the sudden craving for food?There are various studies on using cayenne pepper for weight loss is performed.

According to the scientist researches addition of red cayenne pepper to drink or meals helps in burning more calories in every hour. Also, cayenne pepper helps in reducing hunger.


It is really easy to make this cayenne pepper flat tummy detox drink by following this simple steps.

You just have to mix around 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper + 2 tablespoons lemon juice+ 2 tablespoons honey and 10 oz in a jar. Now you have to filter it. You can consume this filtered water before meals. The lemon plays a very important role in this detox water drink as it has the ability to eliminate the toxins and also adds vitamin C to the body. The cayenne pepper leads to better working on metabolism and honey raise your energy level without eating much.

6- Green tea drink for weight loss

 We all are aware of green tea that comes in various flavor. Consuming green tea is one the easy and best way to weight loss. Drinking green tea regularly either hot or cold provides you lots of benefits.  It not only reduces your weight but also remove toxins which are harmful to the body. It can also act as a stomach cleanser.

Green tea is beneficial because it contains the high amount of antioxidants which can help can help to defend against severe health problems. This includes cancer, high cholesterol, diabetes, and liver disease.

It is to be noticed that there are several clinical studies which confirm that green tea helps in burning body fat by improving metabolism.


To make this green tea drink take 2 green tea bags. Thyen adds around 8 ounces of boiling water. Cover it with the lid for 10 minutes. Then you can remove the tea bags. When you found that the green tea mixture has cooled. Then just make an addition of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and natural sweetener to taste. Stir it properly and drink hot or cold green tea detox drink to increase your metabolism and reduce the appetite.

7-Honey & cinnamon for weight loss

This is one of the easiest detox water recipes that one can easily make at home. It is not only easy to make but it is really helpful in reducing the body fat particularly the belly fat. Consuming honey in control quantity through many weight-loss detox water drinks is just perfect.  Honey is one of the best natural sweeteners because it not only adds natural sweetness to the drink but also gives energy. This the only sweet ingredient which gives sweetness without adding unhealthy calories.

 Make a note that honey only adds little calories without and acts sweetening agent in the drink.Don’t give a thought that will make you fat and reduces the effectiveness of detox water drink.

Why honey does not add calories to the body

As clinical researchers prove that honey has a positive effect on body weight. It never raises the blood sugar levels (But diabetic patients has to be little alert).

Cinnamon is an antioxidant that helps in removing the body toxins and excess body fat. It is said that adding ground cinnamon to meals can decrease blood sugar levels. It also consists of antioxidant enzymes which help in destroying the free radicals.


Add around 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon to a cup of hot water and stir it appropriately. The Ceylon Cinnamon is one of the best one to use.When the liquid gets cooled. Just add a teaspoon of raw, organic honey. The detox drink is ready. You can have this drink before meals. Through this it could help you in decreasing food cravings thus weight loss becomes faster.

Also, the honey and cinnamon detox drink is one of the best energy-booster. This we can take any time when we feel lack of energy.

8- Orange Pomegranate Cinnamon detox water recipe

We know oranges are consists of essential vitamins, especially Vitamin C. Cinnamon not only adds sweetness but also removes toxins from the body.Though it is sweet bu8t it never adds extra calories to our body. Pomegranates are also a great addition for an antioxidant boost


For this detox water recipe add either 1 cup of fresh orange juice or few slices of oranges. Then add either half a pomegranate or add 1 cup of pomegranate juice in it. After this add ½ teaspoon of cinnamon in it mix it well. Add all this content in a jar, filled it water. Keep it overnight. from next day start consuming it. Then consume it in a day any time you want.

9- Kiwi Watermelon

We all know how refreshing watermelon is but do you know that it is one the most healthiest food Foods. It is because this fruit leads to lower accumulation of fats and also helps in reducing muscle tenderness which is really useful if you are attending gym session for weight loss. Watermelon gave you the feeling of fullness as it contains very fewer calories and high content of water. Similarly, Kiwi also suppresses our appetite due to which we automatically feel full and don’t feel like eating much. Thus helps in getting faster results of weight loss.


This is also a very easy detox water recipe just add few watermelon pieces and in the same quantity of kiwi slices. Put this two ingredient in the jar then fill it with water. Consume it in a daytime. It is not only tasty but also kiwi and watermelon are excellent fat burners.

10- Grapefruit, apple cider vinegar, and honey weight loss detox  drink

Do you know that grapefruit has an immense ability to lose weight? This is the reason it is added to various detox drinks. Combining grapefruit, apple cider vinegar, and honey together can turn into a  tasty, nutritious drink. This is really helpful in giving a flat belly as it has the ability to detox the entire body of the person.

As per the studies, grapefruit can increase metabolism and stabilize levels of blood sugar. Do you know that drinking grapefruit juice 30 minutes before a meal provides you better results in weight loss? When it is compared to consuming the grapefruit. It is must in the weight loss diet.


For this detox water recipe, you just need to mix a 1 cup of fresh grapefruit juice. Then add 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon of organic honey. Mix it well and try to consume it 30 minutes before a meal. You will surprise to see the result.

Guys summer season is considered as the best season where you can go for weight loss easily and in less time. So please try any of these above-written detox water recipes in order to give you belly a nice shape. Try out any of these detox water recipes and shock everyone with the excellent weight loss results.



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