10 magic tricks to make your Upset Partner happy


Some of the closest relationships are defined by TWO people. This is not a coincident that every relation starts with ONE and care with TWOs. Do you every think about the things that dropped like an acid on the surface of your relationship? If no! You are not taking care either of your partner or your relationship.

Look! If you want to keep your Relationship alive, fresh and aromatic, you, I’m talking about YOU only; you need to bear the responsibility to initiate the things.

What things needed to be initiated in the relationship?


“Words decide how long the conversation will reach”. Go with the words instead of assumption. Do not let the mind to think or make to think besides of the facts. If you do not talk enough, you will lose the connection with the mind of your partner. Be conscious to seize the chances to say something to your partner specially while upset times. Try to ask about food, dress or the shirt you want to wear today or what the thing you will bring when you come to home in the evening. Just be connected with the mind of your partner in any manner.


Never lose any chance to response upon any sign, gesture or question of your partner. If you try to ignore anything, will be a brick for the irritation in the mind. When you knew about the mood of your partner, just be with for a while don’t try to make it switched instantly. Just behave with the flow of the emotions, relate with the situation and wait for a gleam to make her or him smile with your gestures or dido.


Think you are a lucky one if you got chance to say SORRY before your partner. A simple sorry can earn fresh smiling moments for your relationship. You can send a GIF with touching your ears right after you felt that you made your partner upset with your doings. Because of a genuine apologizing you will get a warm welcome from your partner at the next face off, as with a smile, moving tongue inside the mouth, lip lock with the teeth or some eye signs as well.


“A minor pin pinch can blow even a huge balloon”. Smile with your Signature moves can break the clinch. It may blast a WORD MOUND but you can risk it because the possibilities always favor the risk takers. You can start the conversation with a tiny smile that will definitely create a lighter atmosphere to have a chat with your partner. A smile with lots of love in the eyes will directly connect your partner with some romantic memories where you did the same in your past time.


Love always has adorable things around the partners and one of the numbers of things can make difference. This is the easiest way to distract your partner from the upset mind and aggressive thoughts to use the Wink. Just flick a wink with a naughty smile will help to seize the attraction of your partner. A wink paring with dido smile would be a fantastic mood changer for your partner. I think you should try it instantly.


What you should not do when your partner is upset with you?

Respect the distance

Don’t try to put efforts like try to be closer of your partner (physically) it can irritate your partner.



Don’t be a Doctor

Each time of your life is special even this mashup as well, so do not try to remedy the issues earlier. Take your time and let your partner too. Don’t be in hurry to talk or interact, let the things happen naturally. Who knows what surprise your partner may plan instead of you?


Be the Driver

Keep thinking about the surprises and fancy things that can make your partner exciting towards the happenings executed by you.



Play with surprises

Giving surprises is one of best ways to put a great smile on the face of your partner.  You can arrange a surprise party at your home or any top notch restaurant located near you and give your partner his/her most favorite thing as present. This will work as a spark in your relationship and helps you to end all the disputes from your relationships.


Keep your ego aside

Your ego can be quite detrimental for your relationship. If you want to ensure a lasting relationship with your partner, then it is imperative for you to keep your ego aside.


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