10 Bollywood actors who got bankrupt in their lifetime

10 Bollywood actors who got bankrupt in their lifetime

10 Bollywood actors who got bankrupt in their lifetime It is not necessary that only the common man suffers from the financial problems. In fact, there are many Bollywood actors who go bankrupt in their lifetime. But it is natural and also ups and downs are the part of life. Goddess Laxmi never remains constant in one place. Neither it is money nor the fame. So one has to work hard in order to get that back in their life.

Do you know that there are many Bollywood actors who have faced huge financial losses in real? These Bollywood actors have faced the toughest phase of their lives in which they don’t have money to follow the basic lifestyle. Even the Bollywood actors got bankrupt in spite of earning too much.

This article will inform you about those Bollywood actors who go bankrupt in their lifetime but again earned the lost money and fame in their life-
1- Shahrukh Khan

Year- 2011

Reason -his production Ra.one was a huge flop

Even King Khan also suffered from huge financial losses. This happened with him because he invested a large amount without even realizing its circumstances into his production venture ‘Ra One’.  Ra One was a huge flop due to which he experience himself at the edge of bankruptcy.

2- Amitabh Bachchan

Year -2000

Reason- His company ABCL went bankrupt

Do you know that the superstar, the legend of the Bollywood Amitabh Bachan also faced the severe financial crisis in his life? When everybody was celebrating the millennium year he was in a debt of over 90 crores. It is due to heavy loss faced by his company ABCL. In one of his interview to the media the Bollywood actor himself confessed, “In the year 2000 when the entire world was celebrating the new century, I was celebrating my disastrous fortune. There were no films, no money, no company, a million legal cases against the company and the tax authorities had put the notice of recovery on my home.”

As per him, it was only a reality show Kaun Banega Crorepati’ that changed his luck. Due to this, he recovered his popularity back and after few days only he removed himself from the charge of bankruptcy.

The Bollywood actor still remembers the time when the creditors arrive at his home for money and even threatens him badly.

3- Preity Zinta

Year- 2013

Reason- Her production high budgeted Ishq in Paris got flop

Preity too faced huge financial crisis after the release of her production venture ‘Ishkq in Paris’ which is one of the biggest mistakes of her life. Allegedly, the film’s writer and director Abbas Tyrewala filed a case against the actress for non-payment of loutstanding amount. As per the sources the actress also had to put her apartment on rent in order to pay the due amount to the director. Finally, his friend Salman Khan helped in escaping from the huge problem.

4- Raj Kapoor

Year- 1970

Reason – Due to the high budget of  Mera Naam Joker

Most of the people of this generation don’t even know that the very melodious movie Mera Naam Joker was so expensive. Infact the making of this movie took Raj Kapoor films into bankruptcy. Along with this, it is the big flop.The better known as Showman of Hindi Cinema Raj Kapoor also came on the edge of bankruptcy during the making of ‘Mera Naam Joker’. Furthermore, it took around 6  years for the director and actor to finish the expensive film. The Raj Kapoor become bankrupt when the high budgeted movie Mera Naam Joker got flopped at the box-office after the release. It has literally made the studio bankrupt.

5- A.K. Hangal

Year- 2007

Reason- his high medical expenses

Do you remember the veteran Bollywood actor A.K. Hangal who acted in more than 200 films? This Bollywood actor is majorly remembered for his roles in ‘Sholay’, ‘Bawarchi’, ‘Aaina’ and many more.  This legendary Bollywood actor also suffered from the severe financial phase.

At the old age of 95, he was bankrupt. This made him incapable to pay even his medical bills. He is also the receiver of Padma Bhushan Award. This known and famous actor A K Hangal couldn’t even collect funds to treat his illness. After this, his son came forward and requested the film industry for help. The  Bollywood actors and celebrity such as Karan Johar, Bachchans, and the CINTAA came forward to help this needy Bollywood actor.

6- Abhay Deol

Year- 2014

Reason- His production one by two got flopped

Do you know that even this handsome Bollywood actor also tasted the bankruptcy in his small cinema career? This Bollywood actor who become really popular after his outstanding performance in the movie ‘Dev D’.  He is on the edge of enormous financial disaster when he has invested the money in producing  ‘One By Two’. But the film releases as a box office flop that makes his pocket cashless. For repaying the loan he took to invest in the production, he had to sell his home.

7- Anupam Kher

Year- 2004

Reason- faced huge failure in filmmaking

The known Bollywood actor Anupam Kher freshly exposed his well-known acting school in India.  ‘The Actor Prepares’, it was considered as a result of his bankruptcy which he faced during the time period 2004. He himself confessed in front of media “I was failed in all other aspects of filmmaking and was completely bankrupt because my dreams were higher than realities. This is the reason he started his own acting school in just a small room. In the starting, he has only 12 students. He also expressed worked hard to transform them into the future Bollywood actors and actresses.

8- Shweta Basu Prasad

Reason- She entered into prostitution in order to serve her family

The young and talented nation award winner forcefully took the help of prostitution when no option left for her to earn money. The Bollywood young actress also the recipient of National Award for Best Child Artist in 2002. This she received for the excellent performance in the hit movie  ‘Makdee’. Also, she is one of the most popular child actress of the television. She plays an important role in Ekta Kapoor’s most famous TV show ‘Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii’ and ‘Karishma Ka Karishma’.

But at the mere age of 23, she faced the acute financial crisis which pushed her into the prostitution business. She was caught red-handed in the in a prostitution racket at Hyderabad by Police. Also as per the media reports, she turned towards herself sex trade when she has no money left to survive.

9- Govinda

Year- 2006

Reason- lots of debt that can’t hire a taxi to travel

We all know famous dancer and immensely talented Bollywood actor Govinda who entertain us through his several movies. But Do you know that even this superstar had faced a time when he doesn’t have money to hire a taxi? Yes, it is true. He himself stated towards media about his tough financial times during the occasion of the opening of his daughter’s film. He got sensitive and communicated about the days when he was cashless said that he doesn’t have a single penny in his pocket. His financial state was too bad that even contracting taxis and rickshaws turns hard for him.

But again this rescuer of the industry none other than Salman Khan saved Govinda. Govinda said, “I didn’t think he would make ‘Partner’ with me at that time, and I was in a lot of debt, but then post the film, I was able to come out of that situation.

10- Jackie Shroff

Year- somewhere around 2008

Reason- His production Jackie shroff entertainment failed

Though the exact year is not yet known regarding the bankruptcy of Jackie Shroff. But this confirms that this Bollywood actor faced a huge financial loss during his bad years of life. As per the source he got declared bankrupt around 2008. It was found that the claims filed against him and his production house. The production house is Jackie Shroff Entertainment Limited dropped without even leaving a trace.

The sources revealed that Jackie took a loan from filmmaker Sajid Nadiadwala, which could not able to repay back.  Due to which the director Sajid filed a case against him regarding the non- payment of the dues. This Bollywood actor ultimately had to sell the flats for paying the loan amount to the giver.

So in the end, it is to mention that ups and down, good time and bad are a part of life. Even some really rich and famous celebrity had to face this time once in their life. But what important is to fight the situation o0f bad time with full courage hard work and hope.


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