Indian food consisting the never-ending variety is famous all throughout the world. But are you aware of some Bizarre Indian Dishes which are actually delicious and you must try them out?

These Bizarre Indian Dishes are heavily influenced by the religious, cultural choices and traditions of India. You will be surprised to know that silk worm’s pupas are eaten as shahis tukras and rotten potatoes are equivalent to paneer pieces.


Here are 10 Bizarre Indian Dishes which will surely give you nightmares so choose wisely and eat well
  1. Chaprah ( The Red Ant Chutney)

I am sure 90% of the people love chutney and might have eaten varieties of chutney along with their food. But have you ever tried one of this Bizarre Indian Dishes which is the chutney of red ants known as chaprah?

Dhuruva tribes in Chhattisgarh have a slightly different recipe for chutney which is prepared from red ants and their eggs. The red ants are dried and then crushed with salts, sweeteners, and spices which make it spicy and tasty. This might surprise you but this dish contains many medicinal benefits and properties as the formic acid present in ants is good for health.

  1. Hilsa Eggs

Bengali recipes are always tasty especially when it comes to fishes. Any dishes prepared by them will never disappoint you. Hilsa Eggs is one of the Bizarre Indian Dishes which is a fleshy monsoon snack made up by mixing the Hilsa Eggs with spices and then frying it by mustard oil.

It is also used as a snack when fried less. The taste in this dish comes from the water in which they swim. Hilsa eggs are the most common Bengali Delicacy that brings up the Indian form of cavlar.

  1. Snail Stew and Steamed Hornets

This dish is most popular in Nagaland a beautiful state which is dominated by 15 great tribes. This form of Bizarre Indian Dishes is made out of small snails, silkworms and steamed hornet larvae.

These creatures are steamed and are arranged together perfectly and beautifully and are sold on the streets of Nagaland. This dish is common for those people who love trying adventurous food in the beautiful state of Nagaland.

  1. Frog legs

This dish is most popular in the state of Goa and Sikkim. This form of Bizarre Indian Dishes includes the front legs of the frog which are either barbequed or served with delicious sauces. After this, the dish is presented beautifully and is the favorite food not only for local people but also for foreigners.

This dish provides various medicinal benefits which help to cure various stomach ailments. In Goa, the dish is famous as the ‘jumping chicken’. Though it is a threatening species according to the Indian government yet this species is served in many parts of India.

  1. Bhunni

This dish shows the Indian efficiency over the maximum usage of meat. This form of Bizarre Indian Dishes is very popular in Garhwal, Uttarakhand. Bhunni is made up of goat’s intestines, liver, stomach, and blood. All these ingredients are mixed, curried and fried with spices thereby giving it a beautiful taste.

  1. Tilli

This dish is famous on the streets of Pune which contain buffalo’s spleen. This form of Bizarre Indian Dishes is known as tilli and is prepared by marinating it in some spices with char-grilled or roasting them.

It has a rotten smell with the texture of liver and is most common among non-vegetarians lovers as spleen contains iron in it.

  1. Paya

This dish is famous in Hyderabad as well as Lucknow where Paya means feet in Hindi and Urdu. This form of Bizarre Indian Dishes is a form of curry made out of hoof or trotters of animals like cow, goat, buffalo or lamb.

Paya contains less meat but the tissues and fats are believed to add taste to it. It is slow cooked over coal for hours usually overnight.

  1. Doh Khleh

This dish is famous in three main tribes in Meghalaya – Khasis, Garos, and Jaintia. This form of Bizarre Indian Dishes is a combination of pork and onion salad served with steamed pig brain.

  1. Jadoh

This form of Bizarre Indian Dishes is very popular in North-east India and is made out of Rice, pork offal, and chicken blood.

  1. Nahkham

This form of Bizarre Indian Dishes is very popular in Garo tribes and is prepared out of dried and salted fish. It is a form of curry mixed with ashes and vegetables and has a terrible smell.


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